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The posts on the Home Page are intended to serve as a record of events, news and opinions on the subject of forests and forestry in Nova Scotia as they unfold, beginning on June 21, 2016. It’s been busier than I had anticipated. Undoubtedly some newsworthy items have been missed.

Oct 9, 2018: Climate Warming Warnings: time to get objective about forest bioenergy in Nova Scotia
Oct 8, 2018: Thanks for sensitive management of an old forest in Nova Scotia
Oct 4, 2018: While we wait for the government to respond to the Independent Review, what agreement is in place with WestFor?
Oct 4, 2018: Elmsdale Lumber employee John Casey in CFI’s Top 10 Under 40
Sep 30, 2018: Frustration in registering concerns about cuts into a deer wintering area on Crown land in Upper Vaughan
Sep 28, 2018: Worry about exotic forest pests and climate warming prompts talk about fertilizing deficient soils, reducing clearcuts and Assisted Range Expansion
Sep 26, 2018: Forest management group proposal for biomass heating provides an opportunity for Nova Scotia government to “get it right” on forest bioenergy
Sep 23, 2018: Kespukwitk Two-Eyed Seeing Gathering at Bear River First Nation on October 18 and 19, 2018
Sep 23, 2018: Three forestry field days in Central Nova Oct 6-20, 2018 illustrate “what can happen with careful, long-term management of forestland”
Sep 20, 2018: Good and bad of the latest Nova Scotia Crown land forest harvest announcement
Sep 19, 2018: Industrial Forestry working the spreadsheets following L&F directive to reduce clearcutting on Nova Scotia’s Crown lands, while confusion reigns at L&F about the directive
Sep 17, 2018: A Reminder: 500 days to go until the closure of Boat Harbour
Sep 11, 2018: Sep 11, 2018: Forest fires on the upswing in Nova Scotia
Sep 9, 2018: While we wait for the government response to the Independent Review, clearcuts on Nova Scotia Crown lands continue unabated
Sep 8, 2018: Concerns expressed about cutting into a deer wintering area on Crown land in Upper Vaughan
Sep 8, 2018: Plourde/EAC offer constructive analysis of The Report from the Independent Review and suggest ten things the government should do immediately
Sep 7, 2018: Some reservations about The Report on the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia
Sep 6, 2018: Questions and comments on WWNS about sustainability of current wood harvesting in Nova Scotia following Report from the Independent Review
Sep 1, 2018: New documentary on Hemlock Wooly Adelgid in Nova Scotia
Aug 30, 2018: All quiet on The Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia for now
Aug 21, 2018: Report from the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia released
Aug 17, 2018: Report from Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia to be released Tues Aug 21, 2018
Aug 15, 2018: Public Accounts provide some numbers on Nova Scotia DNR Grants and Contributions to private industry
Aug 15, 2018: While we wait for the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia, Port Hawkesbury Paper hires ex-DNR forest bioenergy advocate
Aug 14, 2018: While we wait for the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia, Lands & Forestry on the Hire
Aug 3, 2018: Lack of Info about locations, times of forest management herbicide spraying on Nova Scotia Environment website
July 27, 2018: Nova Scotia forests, forestry and GHGs 2: Who accounts for the EU’s emissions from bioenergy generated from imported chips?
July 27, 2018: Gold Miners encroaching on The Big Animals’ Lands
July 25, 2018: More DNR research on Nova Scotia forest soils published in science journals but not publicized by NSDNR
July 25, 2018: Rumoured release date for release of the Report on the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia: week of Aug 13, 2018
July 21, 2018: NSE issues clarification on Protected Areas target
July 19, 2018: Speculation mounts while we wait for the Report on the Independent Review of Forestry Practices in Nova Scotia
July 11, 2018: Independent Review of Forestry Practices in Nova Scotia issues a “Process Update”
July 8, 2018: Premier McNeil cites conflict of interest issue as a reason for change in DNR Minister – will the same reasoning apply to top level DNR bureaucrats?
July 2, 2018: Fri July 6, 2018: Major event to protest The Pipe
July 2, 2018: Presentation on Old Forests in the Maritimes at MTRI Thurs 5 July 2018
June 28, 2018: While we wait for “The Report”, it’s the same old same old from our two Nova Scotia pulp mills; and some thoughts on what the Independent Review will recommend
June 23, 2018: Halifax Green Network Plan released June 21, 2018 puts Landscape Level Planning for Halifax well ahead of that for the province as a whole
June 16, 2018: Could forest fragmentation be a factor in the high incidence of blacklegged tick/lyme in Nova Scotia?June 11, 2018: Keeping current: changes tack
June 10, 2018: Fools still approve gold mining excesses in Nova Scotia
June 9, 2018: Report from Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia almost there…
June 8, 2018: Are cats more destructive to Nova Scotia’s forest birds than clearcutting?
June 4, 2018: DNR Biodiversity Council Members Appointed
June 3, 2018: I went for a walk in the woods but the woods were gone
June 2, 2018: Nova Scotia DNR employee apparently clearcut land then sold it to DNR at 2X assessed value
June 2, 2018: Warblers galore, spruce budworm & tweets
June 2, 2018: Joan Baxter recognized by elders
May 30, 2018: Logging during bird breeding season raises the ire of Nova Scotia birdwatchers
May 29, 2018: Nova Scotia DNR, Port Hawkesbury Paper, Premier McNeil: please help us with the math/accounting
May 27, 2018: Celebrating spring and a bit of ornithological humour
May 26, 2018: Nova Scotia math: FOIPOP reveals PHP pays $3.1 million in stumpage fees, gets $4.4 million for silviculture
May 26, 2018: #NOPIPE
May 24, 2018: Zwicker & Bishop attempt to justify clear cutting to Nova Scotia Legislature Committee
May 22, 2018: Pipes versus Environment challenge Liberal governments in Ottawa and Nova Scotia (and the rest of us)
May 20, 2018: Welcome Back: Northern Parula & a welcome sight: Hepatica
May 18, 2018: Emerald Ash Borer now in New Brunswick
May 18, 2018: May 17, 2018: Species at Risk in Forested Wetlands returning to Nova Scotia
May 18, 2018: Letters and Op-eds May 14-17, 2018
May 17, 2018: DNR confirms Loon Lake area cuts included Old Growth
May 15, 2018: Has the Report from the Independent Review been submitted to Nova Scotia Government? No.
May 15, 2018: Nova Scotia contracts Western Climate Initiative Inc. to track GHGs for NS-only cap and trade system
May 11, 2018: Alan Eddy retains interests in biomass
May 10, 2018: A few things we are waiting on
May 10, 2018: Matt Dort’s Petition to Save The Northumberland Strait – Protect our Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout gains momentum
May 10, 2018: Feedback sought on CCFM’s A Vision for Canada’s Forests: 2018 and Beyond
May 8, 2018: SMU Prof doesn’t think carbon offsets work but a recent analysis of the California carbon credits market suggests they do work
May 5, 2018: Letters, Op-eds and news items May 1-5, 2018
May 5, 2018: NS Legislature’s Resource Committee Thurs 24 May 2018: Current State and Future of the Forestry Industry in Nova Scotia
May 4, 2018: Dale Prest on “Climate Forests”
May 1, 2018: “Smartphone App Enables Family Forest Owners to Get Paid to Store Carbon” – but not in Nova Scotia (yet)
Apr 30, 2018: Apr 30, 2018: Report from Independent Review of Forestry Practices in Nova Scotia delayed but will be released publicly when ready
Apr 28, 2018: Nova Scotia government brags about its Class 2 EA for Boat Harbour cleanup further defying the logic for a class 1 EA for The Pipe
Apr 25, 2018: Northern Pulp makes its too-big-to-fail case and I wonder about “Sponsored Content” in the Chronicle Herald
Apr 23, 2018: Nova Scotia’s Tidewater Pipe Impasse, continued (Apr 23, 2018)
Apr 22, 2018: Happy Earth Day
Apr 19, 2018: Siltation, sawmills and salmon on the Medway
Apr 17, 2018: Zack M on the difference between the forests of Nova Scotia, BC and Scotland
Apr 12, 2018: Annapolis Co. continues efforts to realize more control over forestry practices
Apr 11, 2018: Mills in Nova Scotia not sharing the good times with woodlot owners
Apr 8, 2018: Clearcutting by the smaller players on private woodlots in Nova Scotia
Apr 5, 2018: The Mill – crunch time is approaching and works to The Mill’s advantage
Apr 4, 2018: An optimistic perspective about the future of Nova Scotia forests and forestry from “The Boot”
Apr 2, 2018: Harold Alexander defends Nova Scotia’s Forest Biomass projects, promotes Finnish model
Apr 1, 2018: Nature Conservancy of Canada proposes innovative approach to accessing wilderness area: underground parking and elevator
Apr 1, 2018: Lessons from New Hampshire: clearcutting on acidified soil reduces sugar maple regeneration, favours beech
Mar 30, 2018: New Ecological Land Classification doc released by Nova Scotia DNR
Mar 27, 2018: Anxiety about the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia
Mar 26, 2018: Mi’kmawey Forestry seeks locations of Wisqoq (Black Ash) in Nova Scotia
Mar 24, 2018: Nova Scotia forests, forestry and GHGs 1: Letters
Mar 23, 2018: Port Hawkesbury Paper escapes countervailing duties imposed in 2015
Mar 23, 2018: Editorials and letters about forestry in the area of Loon Lake, Nova Scotia continued…23 Mar 2018
Mar 17, 2018: NSP, PHP, NSDNR and FSC appear to be complicit in burning primary biomass from Loon Lake area, increasing GH emissions and calling practices “sustainable”
Mar 15, 2018: Nova Scotia DNR almost admits serious errors; Port Hawkesbury Paper blames DNR for Loon Lake area cuts of Old Growth
Mar 13, 2018: The Nova Scotia Advocate: “Port Hawkesbury Paper aligns with pro-fracking lobby in Guysborough County”
Mar 12, 2018: Diseased beech increasing, other hardwoods declining in NE North America – could a 2nd exotic beech pest to enter NA via Nova Scotia redirect change again?
Mar 10, 2018: Port Hawkesbury Paper responds to concerns about harvesting in the Loon Lake area
Mar 10, 2018: Old Acadian forest/salmon watercourse and forested wetland in Halifax-Dartmouth at risk
Mar 9, 2018: Linda Pannozzo zeroes in on the air pollution by Northern Pulp Mill
Mar 6, 2018: Anti-Clearcut Billboards go up in Halifax
Mar 6, 2018: Rick Howe talks to Bob Bancroft about Nova Scotia DNR cutting Old Growth forest
Mar 4, 2016: Loon Lake area harvests: DNR seeks shelter in its Old Forest Policy
Mar 3, 2018: Presentation/workshop on Landbird Species-at-Risk also at Annapolis Royal on March 5 and Sydney on March 7
Mar 3, 2018: Nova Scotia Forestry in the News…Sat Mar 3, 2018
Mar 3, 2018: Presentation/workshop on Landbird Species-at-Risk, Pictou March 6, 2018
Mar 1, 2018: PHP to issue a public response to concerns about harvesting near Loon Lake Nature Reserve
Feb 28, 2018: Forestry issues prominent in Nova Scotia Day of Protest
Feb 27, 2018: 70 million litres of treated pulp mill effluent a day into Northumberland Strait not an option say fishers
Feb 26, 2018: More positive news: Cape Breton hardwood initiative
Feb 26, 2018: Ho Hum, more cutting near Nature Reserve in SW Nova Scotia
Feb 25, 2018: Executive Director of Climate Change at Nova Scotia Environment challenged on the “renewable energy” status of Pt Tupper biomass facility
Feb 24, 2018: Nova Scotia’s “Early Intervention Strategy” for spruce budworm 35 years late
Feb 23, 2018: Giants of Nova Scotia
Feb 23, 2018: Danny George rings the alarm bell (again) on Loon Lake Nova Scotia clearcuts of Old Growth
Feb 22, 2018: “it is very poor land, very poor quality wood, its best function would be to just leave it alone”
Feb 22, 2018: Final Report for Nova Scotia’s Independent Review of Forest Practices postponed to April 30
Feb 22, 2018: Science issues and lack of landscape/watershed level planning by Nova Scotia DNR limit what can be achieved through forest certification
Feb 17, 2018: A scientist’s perspectives on NSDNR Science
Feb 15, 2018: “It’s not all industrial strength clearcutting and biomass devastation out there”
Feb 14, 2018: Pannozzo: Proper EA for Northern Pulp Mill effluent thwarted
Feb 13, 2018: Great Northern gears up Musquodoboit Pellet Mill
Feb 13, 2018: Game sanctuaries still fair game for industrial forestry and miners
Feb 11, 2018: Loon Lake clearcuts continue, illustrate lack of landscape level planning
Feb 10, 2018: Saturday responses to Black, continued…Feb 10, 2018
Feb 9, 2018: Will our governments enable Forest Smart, Climate Smart and Dollar Smart opportunities for private woodlot owners in Atlantic Canada?
Feb 7, 2018: Bancroft on the real costs and dismal returns to Nova Scotians of running the PHP biomass plant 24/7
Feb 3, 2018: Saturday Forestry, continued… Feb 3, 2018: how much displacement of our natural world is acceptable?
Jan 28, 2018: Bill Black’s stop-hugging-trees comments pushed a few buttons
Jan 28, 2018: Planning ahead for Industrial forestry in Nova Scotia: allowing bigger trucks on our roads
Jan 28, 2018: Affairs in an old forest
Jan 25, 2018: Candidate for leadership of Nova Scotia PCs not sympathetic to PEI’s concerns about effluent from The Mill
Jan 25, 2018: Forest biomass back on the front burner in Nova Scotia?
Jan 23, 2018: Update from the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia
Jan 21, 2018: Winter splendour in a forested Nova Scotia landscape
Jan 21, 2018: Editorials and letters about forests, forestry, & regulations in Nova Scotia continued.. Jan 20, 2017
Jan 18, 2018: Port Hawkesbury Paper shut down temporarily due to cold weather/high energy costs, low prices, tariffs
Jan 18, 2018: Natural History of forested lands in Kings Co., Nova Scotia
Jan 17, 2018: Startup group interested in funding and managing a Community Forestry Hub in Cape Breton
Jan 17, 2018: Bob Bancroft: Why are no EAs required for large-scale forest removals in Nova Scotia?
Jan 15, 2018: It’s crunch time for The Mill & The Province
Jan 10, 2018: Birds nests versus industrial forestry in Nova Scotia & what the Independent Review can do for us
Jan 10, 2018:Rick Howe talks to Scott Leslie about his birds-eye views
Jan 10, 2018:Hemlock vampires are firmly established in southwest Nova Scotia
Jan 1, 2018: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued late 2017: responses to Saunders and a New Year’s wish
Dec 23, 2017: Nova Scotia Christmas trees in the news
Dec 17, 2017: Nova Scotia forests and forestry are in the news and cameras lenses as the Independent Review moves into Phase 2
Dec 13, 2017: Mining Association of Nova Scotia’s continues its aggressive campaign to undermine our protected areas
Dec 11, 2017: Nova Scotia forests are not the only ones over-harvested, but are likely the most over-harvested in Canada
Dec 9, 2017: Scott Leslie’s clear-cut photos of Nova Scotia clearcuts
Dec 9, 2017: Northern Pulp open house sessions & apparent behind-the-scenes-tactics apparently not working for them
Dec 8, 2017: Increasing carbon capture & storage should not be complicated for Nova Scotia
Dec 8, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..7Dec2017: an appeal for co-existence of forestry, fisheries, agriculture and tourism
Dec 7, 2017: Halifax trees remember the explosion
Dec 5, 2017: Northern Pulp/Dillon on the road to reassure residents about Nova Scotia Pulp Mill Effluent Treatment Facility, Baxter book session cancelled
Dec 4, 2017: Two upcoming presentations related to forests and forestry in Nova Scotia
Dec 1, 2017: Business and Public Consultation Meetings scheduled for the Abercrombie, Nova Scotia Pulp Mill Effluent Treatment Facility Replacement EA
Nov 29, 2017: Red flags and hopes for the Independent Review of Forestry Practices in Nova Scotia
Nov 25, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..25Nov2017, forestry elders speak up
Nov 25, 2017: Two journeys in Nova Scotia forests
Nov 23, 2017: Mining Association of Nova Scotia’s SWAP Initiative – “the threat is real”
Nov 21, 2017: New Brunswick co. a leader in new forest assessment technology
Nov 20, 2017: Mining Association of Nova Scotia goes after Kluscap Wilderness Area, sacred to the Mi’kmaq
Nov 19, 2017: The Independent Review of Forestry in Nova Scotia Phase I underway
Nov 19, 2017: Fishermen’s Association question “dilution as the solution” for effluent from Pictou pulp mill
Nov 18, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..continued 18Nov2016: Two Perspectives
Nov 15, 2017: MANS proposal to swap mines and protected area in Nova Scotia hardly dead
Nov 14, 2017: ‘Want to comment on a post on Nova Scotia Forest Notes?
Nov 13, 2017: Six month extension given to WestFor to operate in SW Nova Scotia but with a reduction in allocation
Nov 13, 2017: Fifty Years of Pulp and Protest in Nova Scotia
Nov 10, 2017: Senior forester sought by Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
Nov 10, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..Nov 9, 2017 – Critic blasts the Healthy Forest Coalition
Nov 6, 2017: Nova Scotian families contribute ecologically valuable land for protection by NS Nature Trust
Nov 3, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..Nov 3, 2017 – Bad forestry practices compound climate challenge
Nov 2, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..Nov 2, 2017 – the case for growing bigger, older trees
Nov 2, 2017: Softwood lumber exemption for Nova Scotia is restored
Nov 1, 2017: Procedure for approving harvests on Nova Scotia Crown lands now outlined on the HPMV
Oct 29, 2017: Time to plan ahead: the future of the Acadian Forest in an era of climate warming
Oct 26, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..Oct 24, 2017
Oct 22, 2017: The legacy of Nova Scotia’s Tobeatic wilderness
Oct 21, 2017: Nova Scotia’s Northern Pulp responds to critics of mill emissions failure, clearcutting
Oct 20, 2017: Words, rhythms and songs of the Forest Funeral at Province House, Nova Scotia, Oct 19, 2017
Oct 19, 2017: A day of mourning for Nova Scotia’s forests & wildlife
Oct 17, 2017: Jamie Simpson on forests and forestry in Nova Scotia and the Forest Funeral
Oct 16, 2017: Bob Bancroft on Rick Howe Show today to talk about purpose of the Forest Funeral
Oct 12, 2017: Rare gypsum karst forest in Cape Breton protected by NCC
Oct 11, 2017: Premier concerned that Northern Pulp fined only $697.50 for failing tests
Oct 11, 2017: Nova Scotia Healthy Forest Coalition to hold a “Forest Funeral” Thurs Oct 19, 2017
Oct 10, 2017: More cutting near protected areas in Nova Scotia, now the Tobeatic
Oct 5, 2017: Canadian company patents new technology for monitoring GHGs
Oct 5, 2017: A brief history of recent times in Nova Scotia’s Acadian forest
Oct 4, 2017: Nova Scotia-only Cap & Trade system announced
Oct 1, 2017: Nova Scotia Forestry in the Spotlight..30Sep2017
Sep 28, 2017: Celebrating National Forest Week in Nova Scotia
Sep 24, 2017: Big guys versus the rest in Nova Scotia forestry
Sep 22, 2017: Clearcutting is putting tourism at risk says President of Nova Scotia Tourism Industry Association
Sep 19, 2017: Northern Pulp Pictou mill still polluting the air
Sep 19, 2017: Zack M on Old Growth forest in Nova Scotia
Sep 15, 2017: Hefler Forest Products to restart sawmill
Sep 11, 2017: Bob Bancroft concerned about attention to forest ecology in the Independent Review of Nova Scotia forestry
Sep 8, 2017: If we run into some good woods, we must be off of Crown land
Sep 6, 2017: Softwood lumber update: sales to U.S. still high
Sep 5, 2017: Northern Pulp to build a replacement for Boat Harbour treatment facility
Sep 2, 2017: NSDNR Minister: Help conservation by being better informed & treading carefully
Sep 1, 2017: NSDNR responds to Halifax Field Naturalists’ Concerns and Questions about impacts of forestry in Nova Scotia on conservation of biodiversity
Sep 1, 2017: Moose in the News in Nova Scotia
Aug 31, 2017: Independent Review of forestry in Nova Scotia finally announced
Aug 30, 2017: A reminder of Nova Scotia forests’ real potential
Aug 24, 2016: CN Rail won’t spray but Nova Scotia industrial forest cos & chief public health officer defend it otherwise
Aug 23, 2017: Thoughts on a day of a solar eclipse
Aug 23, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..Aug 22, 2017: Columnist bemoans broken promises
Aug 19, 2017: In Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Sunday Aug 20: Forest Market and Fair
Aug 15, 2017: Thurs Aug 17, 2017: Public seminar on Nova Scotia’s Western Crown Land Planning Process by WestFor Manager
Aug 14, 2017: Call for input to FSC Forest Management Reregistration audit on Nova Scotia Crown lands managed by Port Hawkesbury Paper
Aug 13, 2017: ‘Still no word on the Independent Review of Nova Scotia forestry
Aug 12, 2017: ‘Looks like the Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, pellet plant will reopen
Aug 12, 2017: Wasted Wood on Crown land in eastern Nova Scotia
Aug 9, 2017: Show us the science behind clearcuts on Crown land close to the pending Shingle Lake Nature Reserve, Nova Scotia
Aug 7, 2017: Lessons for Nova Scotia from private land forestry in Finland
Aug 7, 2017: Nova Scotia Woodland Owner of the Year awards 2017
Aug 6, 2017: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is now in SW Nova Scotia
Aug 4, 2017: Improvements to the Nova Scotia Harvest Plan Map Viewer announced Aug 2, 2017
Aug 4, 2017: NCC protects floodplain, wetlands, mature forest, SAR on lower Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia
Aug 3, 2017: Biomass plant brings in the bucks for the reborn Hefler Forest Products, another biomass plant envisaged
Aug 2, 2017: Cellufuel wants access to Nova Scotia’s “Inactive Forests”
Aug 1, 2017: Glyphosate Nova Scotia continued, 2017
Aug 1, 2017: New group of private woodlot owners and contractors in SW Nova Scotia challenge WestFor deal
July 30, 2017: Nova Scotia Harvest Plan Map Viewer update lists now include “Prescription Type”
July 28, 2017: CPAWS report says we lag in land protection nationally and in Nova Scotia but sees signs of change
July 28, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..July 25, 2017 & thoughts of a Silent Spring
July 28, 2017: Low wood volumes harvested from Crown land explained
July 28, 2017: Questions about easements on private woodlots in Nova Scotia
July 26, 2017: Topical MES thesis at Dal on woodland owners in Nova Scotia
July 22, 2017: Crossland: federal Migratory Birds Convention Act ignored as habitat is cut for chips
July 21, 2017: Clearcut Nova Scotia continued..17July2017 & how much wood can be harvested from one hectare
July 20, 2017: Private woodlot owners elsewhere want Nova Scotia’s deal with the U.S.
July 19, 2017: Thurs July 28 – Sun July 30, 2017: Great Canadian Lumberjack Celebration
July 15, 2017: Thursday July 20th, 2017: Nova Scotia Forest on a Crossroad
July 11, 2017: CBC InfoA.M. attempts to sort out issues between smaller private owners and operators and the WestFor consortium – #4 A Forest Ecologist’s view
July 11, 2017: July 28-30 workshop at HLC, Nova Scotia: Woodlot management as if biodiversity mattered
July 6, 2017: Clearcut Nova Scotia continued..4July2017 & highgrading at the landscape level
July 3, 2017: MTRI hosting biodiversity workshop Fri July 14, 2017, Keji BioBlitz follows on 15th and 16th
July 1, 2017: Canada Day
June 30, 2017: Retired Environment Canada employee appointed Ministerial Assistant to Nova Scotia DNR Minister
June 30, 2017: CBC InfoA.M. attempts to sort out issues between smaller private owners and operators and the WestFor consortium – #3 The Government view
June 29, 2017: CBC InfoA.M. attempts to sort out issues between smaller private owners and operators and the WestFor consortium – #2 WestFor responds
June 28, 2017: CBC InfoA.M attempts to sort out issues between smaller private owners and operators and the WestFor consortium – #1 Private Operator
June 27, 2017: Nova Scotia, PEI and Nfld & Labrador likely to be excluded from U.S. tariffs on softwood lumber
June 26, 2017: New Nova Scotia Natural Resources minister queried about clearcutting
June 25, 2017: Latest Crown land allocation includes residual Deer Winter Area
June 23, 2017: Annapolis Co. warden says municipalities should have a say in forestry practices in Nova Scotia
June 23, 2017: Summer Solstice reflections
June 23, 2017: Wentworth Valley on the front lines of tourism versus clearcutting in Nova Scotia
June 17, 2017: Clearcut Nova Scotia, continued..12June 2017
June 15, 2016: Producer of “re-invented maple syrup” gets Nova Scotia Exporter of the Year Award
June 15, 2017: Margaret Miller new Minister of Nova Scotia Dept. of Natural Resources
June 9, 2017: Environmentalists see Liberals’ promised Biodiversity Act for Nova Scotia as a venue to moderate clearcutting
June 7, 2017: Clearcut on Nova Scotia’s eastern shore: “A relic from an uninformed time”
June 5, 2017: Who is appointed Minister of Natural Resources will provide the first sign of what’s up post election for forestry and forests in Nova Scotia
June 2, 2017: Annapolis Co. Crown lands getting hit hard in latest round of proposed cuts
May 30, 2017: The Rhodora
May 29, 2017: Thursday June 1: Nova Scotia wildlife advocate to talk on forestry 2 days post election
May 29, 2017: Gully Lake error & correction clarified but not completely fixed?
May 26, 2017: Protected Areas in Nova Scotia help to mitigate climate change, clearcuts do not
May 25, 2017: Sadness in the voices of Nova Scotians commenting on clearcutting
May 25, 2017: CBC Mainstreet on clearcutting near Gully Lake Wilderness Area
May 24, 2017: Update on the clearcuts close to Gully Lake Wilderness Area: NSDNR changes them to partial cuts
May 24, 2017: More cutting near Nova Scotia Protected Areas…now Loon Lake Nature Reserve
May 24, 2017: No long term leases of Nova Scotia Crown Land for now but current cutting continues even near Protected Areas
May 23, 2017: NSLFFPA blasts NDP support of 50% clearcutting goal
May 22, 2017: Neal Livingston: We need good public policy to drive the transition to better forestry in Nova Scotia
May 19, 2017: Clearcutting comes up in Nova Scotia Leaders’ Debate
May 17, 2017: Nova Scotia election: only the Greens are unequivocal about clearcutting
May 12, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, AFR for May017
May 10, 2017: Nova Scotia forestry science simply wrong
May 10, 2017: Forestry becoming an election issue in Nova Scotia
May 4, 2017: Are biofuels from Nova Scotia forests good for the environment? Show us the science!
May 3, 2017: Re-commit to the Natural Resources Strategy & regulate clearcutting says EAC
May 2, 2017: This evening (May 2) in New Glascow: Rehabilitation of the Appalachian Deciduous Forest
May 1, 2017: Do economic woes lead to conservative forest use in Nova Scotia?
Apr 27, 2017: Independent review of forestry announced in Nova Scotia budget address
Apr 26, 2017: Naturalists question the science of sustainable forestry in Nova Scotia
Apr 26, 2017: WestFor Interim Agreement extended to Sep. 2017
Apr 26, 2017: Softwood lumber tariff of 19.88% to hit Nova Scotia May 1
Apr 25, 2017: Liberal MLA asks for review of Nova Scotia forest practices
Apr 22, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..22Apr2017
Apr 20, 2017: We can “cut less and do more” to foster a healthy forest economy in Nova Scotia
Apr 19, 2017: NSDNR publishes A Field Guide to Forest Biodiversity Stewardship
Apr 18, 2017: Cape Breton Post: NAFTA sides with PHP
Apr 17, 2017: Panta Rei blog explores the economics of forestry in Nova Scotia & changes in forests and employment
Apr 14, 2017: 2015 stats for Nova Scotia on National Forestry Database illustrate continuing pressure on Crown lands
Apr 12, 2017: Spring has sprung in the ravines of Nova Scotia
Apr 11, 2017: The forest tragedy continued: Margaree, Cape Breton
Apr 11, 2017: Loons are back
Apr 7, 2017: Softwood jitters focus on April 24, 2017
Apr 6, 2017: WestFor makes its case to Queens County
Apr 4, 2017: Nova Scotia protects significant older forest stands and an important corridor
Apr 2, 2017: Celebrating spring in the Acadian Forest in Nova Scotia
Mar 30, 2017: WestFor makes its case to Digby Municipal Council
Mar 29, 2017: Nova Scotia forests & forestry: birds, mosses and biophilia
Mar 24, 2017: Call of the Forest documentary screens in Halifax tonight (Mar 24, 2017)
Mar 24, 2017: Softwood lumber woes
Mar 22, 2017: LighthouseNOW article provides a little more clarity on pending WestFor Agreement
Mar 22, 2017: “We cannot log and burn our way out of climate change”
Mar 22. 2017: Nova Scotia increases max height for wooden residential buildings
Mar 21, 2017: Resolute suit related to PHP still underway
Mar 21, 2017: FAO promotes forests and energy for International Day of Forests, Mar 21
Mar 18, 2017: Good news story on wood products, Nova Scotia
Mar 16, 2017: The way of Nova Scotia forests
Mar 12, 2017: Nova Scotia’s Clearcut Refugees
Mar 12, 2017: Upcoming presentations/discussions
Mar 11, 2017: What’s wrong with clearcutting?
Mar 10, 2017: Halifax Co. clearcutting taking its toll
Mar 9, 2017: Hines on “listening tour” of SW Nova Scotia
Mar 8: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..8Mar2017
Mar 8: Annapolis County concerned about impending WestFor agreement
Mar 7: Concerns about clearcutting in Digby Co.
Mar 6: New wood construction opportunities for Atlantic Canada
Mar 6, 2017: Looking after Nova Scotia’s Crown land garden
Mar 4, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..4Mar2017
Mar 2, 2017: NSDNR seeks markets for SW Nova Scotia’s “fibre basket”
Feb 24, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..24Feb2017
Feb 23, 2017: UK study identifies IPCC greenhouse gas accounting rules issue
Feb 23, 2017: Nova Scotia’s Biorefinery Plan cites full-tree harvesting, other requirements to make it competitive
Feb 21, 2017: Sunday, March 5, 2017: Council of Canadians Panel #2: Clearcutting – What’s Happening to Our NS Forests?
Feb 21, 2017: New Brunswick’s Crown land deal regretted
Feb 15, 2017: Monday Feb. 27, 2017: The Forested Wetlands Project
Feb 14, 2017: Nova Scotia Forestry Petition 2.0 calls for fundamental changes in forestry management on Crown lands
Feb 13, 2017: Small private woodlots are big contributors to forest economy in Finland, could be in NS
Feb 13, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..11 & 21 Feb,2017
Feb 11, 2017: Feds’ Satellite Forest Monitoring Map illustrates intensity of forest harvesting in Nova Scotia
Feb 8, 2017: Subsidizing industrial forestry in Nova Scotia, continued?
Feb 4, 2017: Hefler sale complicated, biomass power plant separated out
Feb 4, 2017: A sweet spot in Nova Scotia’s hardwoods
Feb 3, 2017: Neighbours get no notice about clearcut on Crown land
Feb 1, 2017: Highway tolls could destroy western Nova Scotia’s sawmill industry
Feb 1, 2017: Crown lands recently purchased by Nova Scotians now managed by private interests
Jan 31, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..31Jan2017
Jan 27, 2017: Forest NS releases industry economic impact analysis
Jan 27, 2017: Nova Scotia’s Biofuel Bonanza
Jan 23, 2017: How much forestry in Nova Scotia maintains mixed, multi-aged Acadian forest?
Jan 23, 2017: What’s a clearcut and what’s not a clearcut in Nova Scotia?
Jan 22, 2017: Has clearcutting on Crown land in Nova Scotia increased or decreased?
Jan 20, 2017: Acadia Lifelong Learning: The Secret Life of Acadian Forest Flora
Jan 18, 2017: Nova Scotia hopeful our limited crown land remains an asset in trade talks
Jan 14, 2017: Why not to believe the Nova Scotia government on extent and impacts of clear cutting
Jan 13, 2017: Forest fungi in the news again
Jan 11, 2017: Hard times for wood pellet industry in Nova Scotia
Jan 11, 2017: Protecting Nova Scotia’s true boreal forest
Jan 9, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..7Jan017
Jan 4, 2017: Readings from Maine: Mitch Lansky on managing forests to increase carbon capture and reduce carbon emissions
Jan 4, 2017: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..4Jan017
Jan 3, 2017: Natural Resources Canada GHG Calculator confirms Nova Scotia forest bioenergy schemes are worse than coal
Dec 29, 2016: How old are old Halifax oaks?
Dec 29, 2016: Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued
Dec 23, 2016: LED Christmas lights are good for Christmas trees!
Dec 22, 2016: From molecules and cells to trees, forests, and tall buildings made of wood
Dec 20, 2016: Poll indicates strong support for restrictions on clearcutting in Nova Scotia
Dec 20, 2016: Harvest Plan Map Viewer Updates now include list
Dec 19, 2016: Now NS Mining Association blames Parks & Protected Areas for economic woes
Dec 18, 2016: Low pulp prices hurting the forest economy
Dec 17, 2016: AFR Editorial calls for more honesty about the condition of our forests
Dec 16, 2016: Feeling the heat: Forest Nova Scotia conducts survey
Dec 13, 2016: What’s good for salmon is good for trees in Nova Scotia…and v. versa!
Dec 11, 2016: A skeptical view of NSDNR’s Forest Management Planning Process
Dec 5, 2016: Port Hawkesbury Paper proud of FSC certification audit
Dec 4, 2016: “WoodsCamp brings logging into the 21st Century”
Dec 3, 2016: Authors comment on Nova Scotia forestry
Dec 3, 2016: A welcome change in NSDNR bureaucracy
Nov.30, 2016: Former Keji Science Chair defends Crown land management
Nov 29, 2016: Comment Period Expired
Nov 26, 2016: Company managing 220 private woodlots in NS concerned about exports to USA
Nov 26, 2016: Hefler Forest Products on the block
Nov 24, 2016: Dale Prest: Open Up NS Cape & Trade to accommodate forest carbon capture
Nov 23, 2016: Op-Ed asks “Does DNR employ science to direct harvest planning?”
Nov 23, 2016: Pictou Landing First Nation member wins forestry award
Nov 22, 2016: Intensive management needed on the few acres left…
Nov 20, 2016: Petition seeks to Stop the Clear-Cutting Near Kejimikujik Park
Nov 18, 2016: Cap and Trade could provide major incentive NOT to clearcut
Nov 18, 2016: Clearcutting threatens Mattatal Lake
Nov 14, 2016: Six Talks & Workshops coming up Nov 18-Dec 4, 2016
treesNov 14, 2016: Reassurance that our forest industry is valuable, diverse and sustainable
Nov 14, 2016: Subcontractor charged for clearcutting on Crown land
Nov 11, 2016: Mimicing natural disturbances and sustaining natural ecosystem structure and function in Nova Scotia
Nov 10, 2016: Tree Marking – why not in Nova Scotia?
Nov 9, 2016: The Nova Scotia Forest Nutrient Budget Model surfaces
Nov 9, 2016: Feeling the Heat
Nov 4, 2016: What lichens and lichenologists can and sometimes cannot tell us
Nov 4, 2016: Council of Canadians asks: Is Biomass Energy Sustainable?
Nov 3, 2016: More comments following “Show Us the Science”
Nov 1, 2016: Sterling Belliveau uses FOIPOP to access data on clearcutting of crown land
Nov 1, 2016: Anti-biomass petition tabled in Nova Scotia Legislature
Oct 31, 2016: Show Us the Science: Crossland and Bancroft comment
Oct 29, 2016: The debate warms up: Show us the Science
Oct 28, 2016: Clearcuts in a Nature Reserve
Oct 26, 2016: Keji area clearcut to proceed
Oct 26, 2016: Low oil prices and downturn in the European market affect Scotia Atlantic Biomass debt payment
Oct 24, 2016: How trees talk to each other
Oct 24, 2016: A disturbing level of forest disturbance in the Highlands
Oct 23, 2016: Connecting to Wapane’kati
Oct 16, 2016: “Steep Slope Initiative” could threaten older forest stands
Oct 16, 2016: Glorious Days of October in the “Backlands”
Oct 14, 2016: Softwood lumber trade on the block again
Oct 11, 2016: More options for the private woodlot owners – and our forests
Oct 10, 2016: Thanks – and no thanks – for grey skies on Thanksgiving Monday
Oct 5, 2016: No more illegal logging on Crown Land
Oct 5, 2016: Forest Soundscapes
Oct 2, 2016: Nova Scotia Forests of the Anthropocene: More Youthful and Slender; Winners and Losers; Sunnier Soils Ahead
Sep 29, 2016: The Western Crown Lands: A “Forest Tragedy”
Sep 28, 2016: Working forest & trails go together
Sep 25, 2016: Moncton conference features Non-Timber Forest Products
Sep 24, 2016: Big bucks in forestry but not for room rental
Sep 23, 2016: Climate change will be hard on balsam fir, black spruce
Sep 17, 2016: Hines kicks off Forest Week in NS
Sep 16, 2016: GPI group asks How Much is Our Forest Worth?
Sep 16, 2016: Margaret Miller on Glyphosate: I am glad she is talking to Chief Gloade
Sep 15, 2016: “Forest Bathing” in Nova Scotia
Sep 15, 2016: Natural Resources Minister responds to Harold Alexander
Sep 15, 2016: If ever we needed rain…
Sep 12, 2016: In awe of mature forest in Nova Scotia
Sep 11, 2016: Old Forest Conservation Science Conference Oct 19-21, 2016
Sep 10, 2016: This a.m in the news: Defending clearcuts, Concerns about spraying, and More clearcuts near protected spaces
Sep 10, 2016: CBC Information morning on Forestry Changes
Sep 9, 2016: Digby area foresters look to Finland to address issues in NS forestry
Sep 7, 2016: Feeling the heat
Sep 3, 2016: Evaluation of Glyphosate get’s political in N.S…
Sep 2, 2016: Progress Report did not highlight key priorities in NSDNR Business Plan
Sep 2, 2016: Oldest known Pine Tree fossils are in NS!
Sep 2, 2016: Evaluation of Glyphosate get’s political in N.B…
Sep 2, 2016: Bruce MacInnon on Clearcuts
Sep 1, 2016: “No buyer for idle pellet plant in Middle Musquodoboit”
Aug 31, 2016: Goal to reduce clear-cutting, whole-tree harvesting abandoned: author
Aug 27, 2016: Dubious claim: forest harvests in Nova Scotia are aligned with nature-based requirements
Aug 25, 2016: Woodland spraying on hold, for now
Aug 25, 2016: Member of Steering Panel for Natural Resources Strategy questions government’s commitment
Aug 22, 2016: Celebrating Yellow Birch
Aug 20, 2016: Clearcut proposed near Keji
Aug 20, 2016: EAC: Government kills key forestry commitments
Aug 18, 2016: Spruce Budworm on cue
Aug 17, 2016: The big weasel: NS Liberal version
Aug 17, 2016: Ecologist’s perspective on the Keji-area fires
Aug 17, 2016: Province issues Progress Report on the 2011-2020 Natural Resources Strategy
Aug 16, 2016: Oh Dear, “Europe Aims to Close Loophole on Wood Energy”
Aug 8, 2016: Forest Fire in Medway Communty Forest near Kejimkujik National Park
Aug 7, 2016: Glyphosate battles
Jul 27, 2016: All is well, apparently, with Forest Biomass & Forest Harvesting in NS
Jul 23, 2016: Lumber co. forced to burn logs for NS Power
Jul 20, 2016: First step on a crooked path
Jul 20, 2016: Adapting to climate change in Nova Scotia: Go boreal
Jul 18, 2016: Intervale Travails
Jul 17, 2016: Youngsters inspire
Jul 9, 2016: Opinions– on resetting NS forest policy & protecting woodlands
Jul 9, 2016: What is this hub? Who, exactly, is receiving the money? And why is Emera investing so heavily?
Jul 7, 2016: Bio-based fuels from our forests?
Jul 3, 2016: Forest-Lake links: pollen
Jun 25, 2016: Open Forest Day June 25, 2016: a great event
Jun 25, 2016: National Forestry Database: 88% of NS forest cuts in 2014 were clearcuts
Jun 22, 2016: Globally endangered Boreal Felt Lichen set to decline 50% in 25 years despite conservation efforts