Candidate for leadership of Nova Scotia PCs not sympathetic to PEI’s concerns about effluent from The Mill

The diffuser for the new treatment system would be about here
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Fishers in both Nova Scotia and PEI are concerned about impacts on lobster and other fisheries

UPDATE Jan 25, 2018: P.E.I. can have input into Pictou mill’s effluent plan, says N.S. environment minister
CBC News Jan 25, 2018.

PC leadership candidate John Lohr (MLA for Kings North) has joined the fray over Northern Pulp’s proposal to pump effluent in the the Northumberland Strait, labeling PEI Premeier Wade MacLauchlan’s request to the feds for a more thorough environmental assessment as “political interference”.

View PC leadership candidate Lohr defends Northern Pulp, blasts P.E.I. premier for requesting more detailed environmental assessment (Sam Macdonald in The News Jan 24, 2018).

‘Just the kind of critical thinking we need these days.

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