Is Nova Scotia Lands & Forestry recycling proposed Crown land harvests that were previously rejected? 4May2021

UPDATE, May 13, 2021, from Bev Wigney:

Annapolis County Parcels (#AP068726 and #AP099816)

Dear Ms. Bev Wigney,
Thank you for using the Harvest Plans Map Viewer to comment on crown land proposed harvest plans and for your interest in the management of our natural resources.
These blocks have been removed from the HPMV and the current harvest plan.
Forestry Maps, DLF

[The response begs the question of why they were posted in the first place.]
Original Post:

From Bev Wigney To Forestry Maps, May 4, 2021:

Why are these parcels (#AP068726 and #AP0998) up for approval again?

These parcels were removed in 2014 after the community of Annapolis Royal spent several months having them removed – although apparently someone did go in and chop down a shelterwood cut on the south parcel after people were told it wouldn’t be harvested.

Anyhow, why are we having to start all over with this again? There are now probably at least 20 times as many people who are going to contest this. There are now Salmon known to be in the river that passes by the two parcels – collected by researchers and photographed and video footage of this. Clean Annapolis River Project (CARP) has a Salmon restoration project going in that section of Round Hills River — a river that was once one of the premier Salmon rivers in Nova Scotia and hopefully will be again.

The river and this forest are just as ecologically sensitive as before. The forest is STILL in the midst of a community. The watershed is still as subject to flooding downstream as ever before. Why don’t you people understand that when people say “No” it means “No” and when something has been decided, we should not have to be wasting all of our time to have the same discussion again?

Bev Wigney

Round Hill, NS

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