New wood construction opportunities for Atlantic Canada

Are tall structures made of wood in our future?

An article by Don Proctor for the Daily Commercial News highlights a new study showing that “the cost of building a six-storey wood building in Halifax is comparable to the tab for a similar structure in B.C”. View article

I was not able to find a link to the specific study by Atlantic Wood WORKS! but I did a related slide presentation:
6 Storey Mid-Rise Cost Comparison between Wood, Steel & Concrete Structures

and these:
6 Storey Wood Construction Will Deliver Affordable Housing
“6 Storey Wood Construction Will Deliver Affordable Housing and more to Halifax Regional Municipality”
UPDATE Mar 14, 2017: Nova Scotia’s first six-storey all-wood residential complex begins to take root in Daily Commercial News, Mar 14, 2017.

Mid-rise Construction Projections & Urban Planning Initiatives for Atlantic Canadian City Centers

It’s exciting stuff that could see more tall structures made of carbon-sequestering wood in our towns and cities, and even in the forest! View also an earlier post: From molecules and cells to trees, forests, and tall buildings made of wood
Tip of the hat to Treefrog Creative News (March 6, 2017) for highlighting the Daily Commercial News Report.

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