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Update Apr 14, 2021
‘Resuming In the News, but I will not attempt to catch every item (as I did previously).

Apr 14, 2021
Progress report on N.S.’s effort to shift to ecological forestry expected in June
Michael Gorman · CBC News “Lands and Forestry Minister Chuck Porter said during budget debate on Tuesday at the legislature that University of King’s College president Bill Lahey will provide an update to his department this month and have a finalized review complete for public release about two months later.”

UPDATE  Apr 5, 2021. This page  provided a list of links to news items related to forests and forestry in Nova Scotia beginning Jan 1, 2021,  as I was  able to catch them (other pages, cited below carried news items back to June 21, 2016). I stopped this effort on March 25, 2021, overwhelmed by the frequency of news items related to forestry in NS, many of them redundant; most of them ‘bad news’, at least from my perspective.

I am providing some ‘In the News’ Updates in these two posts:

These two posts illustrate the pretty dismal state of discussions about forestry in NS. It was all brought to a head by our new, young, ‘environmentalist Premier’, Iain Rankin, who promised big, pro-environment changes in his run-up to the Liberal Leadership vote on Feb 6, 2021.

However, within weeks of being elected as the new leader and Premier of NS, he backed down in the face of a Trump style disinformation campaign by the Big Forestry lobby against his Biodiversity Act, which he gutted. The Biodiversity Act had been a major plank in his campaign for the leadership and one reason many environmentally-oriented NS liberals voted for him.

I am still figuring out what to do with this website; it will remain but with a new focus.

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