Nova Scotia Forestry Map Issues…continued 12Mar2021

The PTA was requested one month before and received 33 days after the Comment Period closed

  • NEW – Crown Land Harvest Plans issued Dec 30, 2021 (Expiry for Comments Feb 7, 2021)
  • PTA for Queens QU099845 requested Jan 4, 2021
  • PTA Received from WestFor via Forestry Maps March 12, 2021.

No explanation, no apology for late response, no extension of the comment period.

No notes on the WestFor PTA about wildlife, any patches of Old Growth, Legacy trees etc.  I guess there were none.

According to a recent response from L&F to an appeal to spare a patch of Old Growth, one only had to check the online database to tell where we find such things in NS. Here is the response:

Old Growth
The Old Forest Policy protected lands is available on the Provincial Landscape Viewer (PLV) Any stands that were scored and identified as old growth forest have been added to the Old Forest Policy protected layer on the PLV which is current as of March 2020. For more information regarding old growth in Nova Scotia and the Departments work protecting old growth I encourage you to visit our old growth story map at: Old Growth Forests of Nova Scotia ( .

Of course it is reasonable to assume that anyone worth listening to will be skilled in arcgis and would not waste the time actually visiting a site.

I guess I have to wonder about these PTAs and why it took so long to receive this one. At one time, you got the PTA a few days after requesting it, and in plenty of time to make comments.

So currently, is anyone actually doing site visits and preparing the PTA prior to the proposed harvest being posted? I wonder, can we request WestFor field notes; are they subject to a FOIPOP?

‘Just wonderin’

So it goes almost 3 years after the Lahey Report was submitted and 10 years after the Natural Resources Strategy Recommendations were made.

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