Sounds & Sights

Audios and videos recording some of the natural history of the Acadian Forest in Nova Scotia

spring forest Three short videos celebrate spring in our forests and offer some interesting insights.

Treasures Of The Old Forest
Produced in 2005 by Avalon & Meguma Natural History Films. “Precious as jewels, fleeting as snow-flakes, yet ancient as the forest itself, these are the wildflowers of the Acadian forest. The trillium, the spring beauty, the bloodroot and lady slipper, once as abundant as the songbirds – now driven to the far recesses of their range. A priceless inheritance many Maritimers may never see, truly, the Treasures of the Old Forest”.

Nature recording-The Acadian Forest, Wild Earth Voices
By Mark Brennan, published Jan 8, 2013. “A short film on the soundscape release, Peskowesk, by Wild Earth Voices which takes you on a journey, in the Early Spring, through the sounds of the Acadian Forest of Nova Scotia.” View also: Standing With The Trees: “On location with artist and nature recordist Mark Brennan in the old growth forests of Abraham’s Lake nature reserve in Nova Scotia, Canada to record the morning chorus.”

Nine Short Films About the Acadian Forest
“The web site for A Beautiful Forest includes the following short films photographed and edited by Kent Martin (Stewardship Association) and produced by Lloyd Salomone about research in the Acadian Forest by aboriginal and non-aboriginal scientists. Although mainly filmed in New Brunswick, the observations of the presenters are equally applicable to Nova Scotia and the lands of the St. Margaret’s Bay watershed.”

Into the Woods: The Beginning of Spring
The first of Cliff Seruntine’s Into the Woods series, this video just posted (Mar 21, 2017) takes “a look at how winter helps Maritime forests transition from soft to hardwood and immerse in the first hints of spring upon a frozen landscape.”
Also: Into a Listless Spring, published May 6, 2017 and other videos by Cliff S on his Youtube channel

Northern Peepers
By JimHowDigsDirt Published on May 31, 2015. Nightime sounds and sites.

Salamanders in Lochaber- Females and Eggs
By Danny Apr 10, 2016 and 2nd video. Some nightime video underwater oh yellow spottedsalamanders,Antigonish Co.

Wood Frog Calling
Michigan’s Wildlife Published on Apr 22, 2013. Like Northern Spring Peepers, Wood Frogs are one of the earliest Frog species to emerge from hibernation in Michigan. They will find small shallow ponds, marshes, or swamps (like this one here) and call for hours.

American Toad singing at night
habfan29’s channel Uploaded on Mar 10, 2010. Nova Scotia

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