Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..Aug 22, 2017: Columnist bemoans broken promises

Forests for the Future in Nova Scotia?

“In its first term, the Liberal government failed virtually every test of forest conservation.”

In VIBERT: Promise may be last chance for N.S. forests, Jim Vibert writes

In its first term, the Liberal government failed virtually every test of forest conservation. Premier Stephen McNeil was forced to admit, during the spring provincial election, that there are “serious problems” with current forestry practices. He promised an independent review.

The Sept. 21 throne speech will tell where that promise stands. If there’s some meat on the bones, the government may be serious. If the promise is merely repeated, skepticism is justified. If it’s missing altogether, grab the kids and head for the woods.

Then he reviews the broken promises of the McNeil Government’s first term, some of them carried over from broken promises of the prior Dexter (NDP) government including commitments to reduce clearcutting by 50%, eliminate public funding of herbicides, ban whole-tree harvesting, protect 13% of the land mass, and protect species at risk.

Vibert concludes: “The ecologically sound forest practices of other jurisdictions have proven to offer superior economic benefits, but aren’t for us…A long-term forest strategy, years in the making, could not survive the pressure of short-term economics. What chance does an election-inspired review have?”


‘Can’t disagree with the perspective but I don’t know why he is saying that we have to wait until the Sept. 21 throne speech to find out the government’s intent – has he been told that is when the promised Independent Review will be announced? Regardless of the delay, I don’t want to pre-judge it. ‘Rumour is that it will be announced soon. Rumour.

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