Nova Scotia L&F looking for Senior Development Officer 27Feb2021

From the NS Job Notice:

About Our Opportunity
As the Senior Development Officer, you will be responsible for researching, planning and implementing forestry economic and resources development and trade projects and initiatives, within the mandate of the department.

Primary Accountabilities
Some of the primary accountabilities in this role will include:

  • Developing, facilitating, promoting, researching, and providing expertise on the development and implementation of forest sector related policy and program initiatives and projects.
  • Providing specific natural resource advice/ recommendations to senior management, Minister, Deputy Minister and Executive Council regarding industry and resource development issues.
  • Preparing reports, briefing notes, presentations, and correspondence for senior staff, Deputy Minister, Minister or Executive Council.
  • Contributing expertise and representing the Department as a senior member in government or industry forums/committees dealing with natural resource development.
  • Assisting the Manager to promote and facilitate private sector investment in the forest resource sector to increase economic output and job creation.
  • Identify and promote industrial investment opportunities.
  • Planning and implementing sector wide industrial initiatives.

‘Not clear where the position might fit in to this Lands and Forestry Organization Chart; or if it is a replacement or a new position.

From a FOI document; cited at the bottom as “intended for Public Use”

L&F is also looking for GIS Analyst (GIS Officer 3), and GIS Officer 1(A) – (B)- 2(A) – (C), Clerk 2 (seasonal), Summer Student (Forest/Biodiversity Resource Worker), Program Specialist (Program Admin Officer 3). UPDATE Mar 3, 2021: add Junior Forest Resource Analyst. UPDATE Mar 7, 2021: Provincial Forest Entomologist (Forester 3)

Some other recent hires are cited here: Nova Scotia Lands & Forestry seeking new Manager, Forest Management Planning12Nov2020

Don’t expect any public announcements from L&F on who is eventually hired or any info about their qualifications and perspectives or their e-mail and phone number or any annual report to the public on what they have accomplished.

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