Proposed cut of Old Growth on Nova Scotia Crown land nixed within one day

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Update, Dec 19, 2018: also view Old-growth forest with 400-year-old tree proposed for clearcut in error by Francis Willick for CBC (Dec 19, 2018)
From Healthy Forest Coalition (Facebook public group)

ML: Breaking news! The Coolen Lake site old growth cut has been cancelled!!!

The Minister of Lands and Forestry, Iain Rankin, and staff acknowledge that the forest is in fact Old Growth and should not have made it past the Integrated Resource Management Team.

Huge thanks to everyone who spread the word and helped to generate awareness! With over 400 direct and indirect shares we have shown that change is possible. It may not come as often as many of us like but this case, and that of Hardwood Hill, should give us all inspiration to keep up ‘the good fight’.


More Old Growth forest on Nova Scotia Crown land on the chopping (or chipping) block
Post Dec 17, 2018

Crown land forest harvest proposed for Hardwood Hill (Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia) nixed
Post Dec 17, 2018


Congratulations and thanks to Mike Lancaster for his vigilance and willingness to speak out.

Along with the cancellation of the proposed Hardwood Hill cut, it’s a good example of citizens doing due diligence for the government/Lands and Forestry while we wait for them to figure out how and to what extent they are going to implement the recommendations of the Lahey Report (re: post Dec 3, 2018)

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