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We can “cut less and do more” to foster a healthy forest economy in Nova Scotia

So said Robert Taylor, President of Taylor Lumber Co., in a presentation to the Nova Scotia Legislature Resources Committee today. The theme of the session was sustainable forestry. The other presenter was Jeff Bishop, Executive Director of Forest Nova Scotia. … Continue reading

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The forest tragedy continued: Margaree, Cape Breton

Sam Aimsworth of the Save the Margaree Watershed (Facebook group) has posted a moving, sorrowful video on youtube: Breath of Life-Margaree, Cape Breton. The video highlights the plight of endangered Canada lynx and pine martin after NSDNR approved logging of … Continue reading

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Loons are back

In this fragile new world, I am always encouraged when elements of the seasons that I grew up with are repeated. Amongst them, the call of the common loon is certainly foremost. People love loons. Their haunting voice and striking … Continue reading

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LighthouseNOW article provides a little more clarity on pending WestFor Agreement

Negotiations with the Mi’kmaq community are required and appropriate. An article by Brittany Wentzell in LighthouseNOW, a Bridgewater and Lunenburg-based newspaper, provides some new info about the pending Forest Utilization Licence Agreement (FULA) that would give a consortium of 13 … Continue reading

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WestFor Lease still being negotiated – Hines

The impending WestFor lease has occupied a bit of attention recently, with Hines touring SW Nova Scotia and Annapolis and Digby Counties expressing concerns about clearcutting and the WestFor lease. I had wondered about the status of the Westfor lease … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with clearcutting?

To be more specific: Whats wrong with clearcutting the Acadian Forest in Nova Scotia? Outside of Nova Scotia, apparently, “we spend 80 to 150 years growing a tree in Canada – some of the longest growth rates in the world”… … Continue reading

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Hines on “listening tour” of SW Nova Scotia

“We were talking about harvest methods, what the WestFor existence means to the area, and generally the state of the industry too” but, according to the article “When asked who approached who regarding the creation of the lease, Hines said … Continue reading

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Annapolis County concerned about impending WestFor agreement

In a special session of the Annapolis County council, a motion was approved (unanimously) to request of the Premier the following (partially paraphrased): – to be informed of the expected date of the signing of the agreement between the Nova … Continue reading

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Looking after Nova Scotia’s Crown land garden

The Minister’s analogy of sustainable forestry to sustainable production of crops in a garden overlooks the now well established principle that “sustainability” needs to embrace much more than just the annual allowable cut. Something is definitely brewing as NSDNR Minister … Continue reading

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NSDNR seeks markets for SW Nova Scotia’s “fibre basket”

Minister Lloyd Hines is making the rounds seeking input from local business people on how to bring back forestry and mineral industries to SW Nova Scotia. He’s encouraging an open discussion: “The best discussions happen when people can bring any … Continue reading

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