N1 LandGrab

Jan 10, 2019

Nick Hill I think we would do best not to hold 2010 as a model. I’m not taking sides on this one but we should move past the tones of self righteousness and the bruised egos that led to harbored resentments for individuals…its not about individuals, it is issues. That’s why I really like what I see developing right now and I wish Iain well in this difficult portfolio…however, I like you, will keep saying and meaning; No Clearcuts on Crown..please. These are public’s land and adding to the clearcut mess and damage on the public’s own land makes no sense.

Ken Burrows Nick Hill This makes a lot of sense, the main concern at the moment is the continuing issue every two weeks of clearcut treatments, it really looks like a building of clearcut banks for Westfor (they will still have lots of wood to cut in years to come if these treatments are still in place even a year from now). Even though there will be 20 to 30% retention. All the treatments issued since last summer when the report came out should be revised to follow the report… They say they can’t revise the keys quick enough, It does appear that a land grab/fiber grab is happening (maybe not?)

BW to KB: – That’s my concern as well. Since learning that we aren’t even seeing all of the parcels on the HPMV — that’s why Corbett-Dalhousie Lake wasn’t spotted by any of us until the supposed “error” on Dec. 10th — now we realize there is an ever larger stock of as yet unharvested parcels — as well as what we are seeing as not yet harvested but visible on the HPMV — and more being added all the time. What are we to think of this other than that it is a rush to load up the shopping cart before the sale ends. It’s pretty disturbing to all of us who care about the future of our forests here in Nova Scotia.