Resolute suit related to PHP still underway

Montreal based Resolute Forest Products’ suit related the Dexter government’s deals with the Port Hawksbury Paper (PHP) mill continues. View US paper company claims $52 million under NAFTA (Printing Industry news, March 8, 2017).

With the Trump government wanting to scrap or change NAFTA this has come at an interesting time. Canada has counter claimed that the US company has taken too long to file there for it should be tossed out. It is expected in the current US political environment that more US companies will be paying more attention to the NAFTA deal. What effect this will have on the Canadian printing industry has still to be determined.

View also Canada Urges Tribunal To Ax Claim Over Shuttered Paper Mill (Law360, Jan 9, 2017)

In the meantime, Resolute took one step back in its bid to sue Greenpeace
(see $7 million Resolute Forest Products lawsuit against Greenpeace must continue in a smaller scope, court decides Financial Post, Mar 10, 2017), while Greenpeace admits its attacks on forest products giant were ‘non-verifiable statements of subjective opinion’ (Financial Post, Mar 2, 2017).

Resolute seems to be searching for more ways to extract Money out of Nova Scotia/the Feds after closing down the former Bowater Mersey Paper (of which it was the majority owner) in 2012. See Smart Move (CH, Dec 11, 2012) and Corporate bully (CH, Dec 11, 2011).

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