Adapting to climate change in Nova Scotia: Go boreal

For the Record: “VEGETATION MANAGEMENT NOTIFICATION” [July 20, 2016] Wagner Forest NS Ltd has applied for a forest vegetation management permit from Environment Nova Scotia. A total of approximately 500 hectares has been submitted in the Counties of Cumberland, Pictou & Hants. Signs have been posted on access roads leading to treatment areas. Vegetation management is used to promote the growth and survival of planted and natural conifer seedlings by reducing the competition within the treatment area on our managed woodlots…” So we continue to promote a softwood, dominated, even-aged boreal type forest when we should be preparing for climate change by building on our natural strength, the mixed Acadian forest. Not to mention the ills of glyphosate of course.

Another notice appeared on July 29: “Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation has applied for a forest vegetation management permit from the NS Department of Environment. Areas have been submitted in the counties of Colchester, Halifax, Pictou, Cumberland, Hants and Guysborough…The program is scheduled to be conducted between August 25th & October 10th, 2016.”

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