Despite the Encampment…

From a post by Sydnee Lynn shared on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology Nov 13, 2020

“Despite the encampment, the forestry industry are very busy clear-cutting and getting ready for a two-year stretch within the area that may be critical habitat for the Mainland Moose. Attached find a route taken by one of our members while at the encampment. The coloured areas on the map are former clear-cuts at different rates of regeneration. Within this route there are numerous roads that provide ample access to and from all directions. There is no stopping these guys. Could this be the reason our government has not taken the appropriate steps and have chosen to ignore the encampment? Attached also find videos taken by dashcam and some photos.
Side note: The driver of the black half-ton was wearing a facemask and was sporting Quebec license plates. Therefore possibly not even providing jobs for local workers.”


From one of the videos