More hires at Nova Scotia L&F, now Research & Planning Forester 16Apr2019

Don’t expect any announcement about who they hire

Little Owl asks for a recommendation for a position at L&F

“Reporting to the Senior Forester of Landscape Planning, as the Research and Planning Forester you will lead forest research and planning projects, develop management tools, and provide related advice to Department managers, Regional IRM resource professionals, technical staff, and external clients to ensure effective implementation of new and established program directions.

“…Bachelor of Science in Forestry plus 6 years of related experience; or Masters degree in Science of Forestry and 4 years of related experience. A comprehensive knowledge of forest ecology and forest management principles, practices, objectives, policies and procedures as well as regulations concerning natural resources.”

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The continued prioritization of Forestry over Forests at L&F is indicated by the requirement for a degree in forestry. Aren’t there enough of those at L&F to provide the forestry balance? Couldn’t it have been opened up to look at and hear from a broader range of candidates?

I am guessing L&F won’t make any announcement about new hires. As I have commented under Who does what, the NSDNR/L&F website provides little detail  about who does what at L&F beyond listing some of the staff in various sections.

There is next to no information about the qualifications and backgrounds of directors and staff. There are no annual reports describing activities and outcomes over the previous year in any detail, or news pages announcing retirements, new hires and new projects.

I was looking forward to much greater transparency and freer communication with the public and the scientific community in the post-Lahey Report era, but as of yet, there is not much indication of that happening.


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Currently (Apr 16, 2019), 26 positions are listed including the position above, a Regional ServIRM Specialist (Forester 3) located at Antigonish, a Regional Biologist (Forester 3) located at Lunenburg, and a Resource Analyst, Wildlife/Biodiversity Modeler (Biologist 3) located at Kentville.

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