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Snapping turtles more common in Cape Breton than once thought


List of Mammals of Nova Scotia
with synonyms used in the literature relating to Nova Scotia, including Mi’kmaw names for Mammals
Andrew Hebda, NS Museum 2014

Natural History of Nova Scotia: Land Mammals (PDF)
See these pages: T11.8 Land Mammals (Page 250), T11.9 Carnivores (Page 257), T11.10 Ungulates (Page 259), T11.11 Small Mammals (Page 262)

Evidence for the Historical Occurrence of Wolves (Canis spp.) in Nova Scotia, Canada
Paper by Andrei N. Whitaker & Karen F. Beazley . The Canadian Field-Naturalist Vol 131, pp 32-36 (2017). ABSTRACT: Although once common across the entire North American continent, wolves (Canis spp.) have been extirpated from most of their former territory. The historical occurrence and persistence of wolves in Nova Scotia has been a subject of debate because of comments on the wolf’s rarity in early settler accounts and the absence of physical specimens. By consulting historical documents of European settlers, the Mi’kmaw lexicon, and fur trade records, we found evidence for the presence of a wolf population in Nova Scotia (which included the territory of New Brunswick before 1784) at European contact and persisting until the early 20th century.

Moose in the News in Nova Scotia
Post on this website, Sep 1, 2017