Day 13 at the Last Hope Wildlife Corridor Encampment: Perry Munro on how Bowater valued this land 14Dec2021

“With over half a century of experience as a fishing and hunting guide, Perry Munro is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge. In addition to guiding, Perry is also an extremely accomplished outdoor author and artist*… ” and a lot more. An elder we should listen to.
-* Cited On Maritime Outsdoorsman Podcast series

A short video of Perry Munro talking at the Last Hope Wildlife Corridor Encampment earlier today and posted by XR-NS on their Facebook page, says a lot about the place in a few words.

Perry Munro talks to participants at the Last Hope Wildlife Corridor Encampment. From XR-NS video. Click on image for larger version

Perry is best heard directly via the video.

For the record, an “abbreviated transcript” of his conversation is given below.

Its not great lumber country, it’s made for moose. 

Bowaters years ago wrote this off as a place to cut logs. In fact Bowaters left a lot of land alone. I worked with Bowaters for a long while promoting wildlife art, carvings and so on.

Westfor has taken it over and they see no more value to it than just chips and stumps… it’s too bad.

Some the best books I’ve read about the outdoors and the wildlife of this place was written by Bowaters.

Bowater wrote a book on how to manage wildlife on lumber land.

Westfor should read the book!

And start to get with the program.

This is not…this is moose country.. come through here in the fall, cardinal flowers….beautiful, boulders and so on, you see them around here, they are left over from the last ice age; the drumlins, and  this  whole area.

It is too valuable to put it in the back of a truck.

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