“NO further spraying of aerial herbicide on private land in Nova Scotia this fall” 26Sep2020

It seems the social license to spray NS forests has expired

Extinction Rebellion Nova Scotia Photo

On Don’t Spray Us – Nova Scotia Action (Facebook Events Page)
Hants/Lunenburg County

UPDATE Fri Sep 25, 2020, ~4pm
by Extinction Rebellion Nova Scotia
Good news for this season;

NS Dept of Environment has informed us definitively that there will be NO further spraying of aerial herbicide on private land in Nova Scotia this fall. The area we are currently occupying in Hants County has not and will not be sprayed this year. Citizens standing up together make a difference.

It is time to end toxic forestry in Nova Scotia. Stop spraying and clearcutting.

We will call upon you again in the spring until the government listens to the people and stops the destruction.

Original (first event post)

JOIN US! Reinforcements welcome – during the day and also to camp overnight in groups.
Press Release: Don’t Spray Us – Nova Scotia action in Hants/Lunenburg County
Thursday, September 24th, 2020 – Hants and Lunenburg County residents, together with members of Extinction Rebellion and Stop Spraying and Clearcutting Nova Scotia, are now occupying land approved for aerial spraying with Glyphosate. Totalling 471 acres, the two parcels near Leminster wrap around Bills Lake, east of North Canoe and Chain Lake. They are owned by Five Islands Forest Ltd. Our intention is to stop the spraying of this land and these watersheds with a known carcinogen.
This fall, Nova Scotia Department of Environment approved the spraying of 3700 acres of private land across mainland Nova Scotia. Citizens in Kings and Annapolis counties have stopped the spray in their counties, taking 1200 acres off the list. Annapolis County Council unanimously passed a motion asking for a moratorium on all Glyphosate spraying in the county. It is time for a province-wide moratorium on the aerial spraying of Glyphosate. Let’s start with the cancellation of all the remaining sprays on private land this fall. But let’s not stop there. Few Nova Scotians know that the Department of Lands and Forestry is currently considering a plan to clearcut and spray 800,000 acres of Crown Land to make industrial forest planatations. This is madness in a time of climate and ecological breakdown. We are raising the alarm across the province.

The cycle of clearcutting and spraying belongs to a lazy, toxic forestry we can’t afford anymore. Citizens, standing up together, can successfully demand change. We want the provincial government to listen when we say: Stop stringing us along with promises of forestry reform. We’ve had enough. We need forestry that restores nature, stores carbon and creates jobs. Stop spraying and clearcutting Nova Scotia.

Further comment:
Why is Nova Scotia’s Department of the Environment still in the business of approving the spraying of a known carcinogen? We care about our health and each other’s. We care about our forests and the wildlife and the watersheds those forests protect. We care about our planet. Time has run out for the practice of mowing down a whole forest, waiting a couple of years then poisoning the natural regrowth of the forest, in the interest of creating a monoculture of softwoods you can clearcut again in forty years. We need healthy natural forests and sustainable forestry practices. The way people managed the family woodlot, always trying to leave it in better shape for the next generation, that’s how we need to treat our forests. That’s how we need to treat our planet.

For further information please message XRNS

This event takes place on unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Mi’kmaq People. We are all Treaty People and have responsibilities to each other, this land and these beautiful waters.

More info on the Peace and Friendship Treaties: http://mikmaqrights.com/negotiations/treaties


Against Glyphosate: A Lawrence Powell Video produced for Nova Scotia’s Annapolis County 16Sep2020
Post on NSFN Sep 16, 2020

 The Herbicide Barren Travis McLeod describes his shock on encountering a strip of young forest that had been sprayed the previous fall.  “[It was] a wasted zone between two vibrant green areas. It was without songbirds, without any small mammals” Photo from a video placed on Facebook by TM. 
Click on image for a larger version

Opposition to glyphosate spraying growing in Annapolis County
On CBC Info AM Sep 15, 2020 “Warden Timothy Habinski explains why municipal councillors in Annapolis County are urging the province to end the practice of glyphosate spraying there. Host Portia Clark also spoke with Nina Newington, who is camping out on land that’s slated to be sprayed.”

Spraying and clearcutting in Nova Scotia, continued 11Sep2020
Post on NSFN Dep 11, 2020

Protestors occupy site scheduled for forest spraying in Nova Scotia 2Sep2020…& Co. decides NOT to spray
Post on NSFN Sep 2, 2020

 The Herbicide Barren In a CBC Info-AM interview, on Sep 2, 2020, outdoorsman Trevor McLeod described his shock on encountering the barrenness of a strip of young forest in Upper Musquodobit that had been sprayed the year before. View Abbreviated transcript here.  CBC said they have requested a response from Lands and Forestry; so far we haven’t heard from them.

The climate crisis is still here
By Feleshia Chandler in The Coast, Sep 25, 2020. “Hundreds gather in downtown Halifax in the name of intersectional climate justice…A group called Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting Nova Scotia (SSACCNS)which focuses on stopping the spraying of harmful herbicides and the cutting down of Canadian forestry also spoke. “So far we’ve been able to stop four spray-cuttings which has never been known to happen,” says Sydnee Lynn, SSACCNS organizer.”


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