All in the name of Ecological Forestry in Nova Scotia… continued 25Jun2021

On Stop Clearcutting Unama’ki (Cape Breton) today:

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(Lots about forestry on Nova Scotia’s Crown lands to be cheery about):

All in the name of Ecological Forestry 17Jun2021

Plourde: Apply the triad to all of Nova Scotia, make Crown lands the Protected Leg 29May2021
“Now that it has been made abundantly clear that the forestry industry lobby will never allow any new biodiversity regulations on private lands, it is equally clear that our Crown lands are the only option we have, as a province, to meet our obligation to protect and restore biodiversity.”

Finally, word of a Progress Report from Prof. Lahey on Nova Scotia’s effort to shift to ecological forestry 14Apr2021
The report was scheduled initially for spring of 2020; one might say ‘Better Late than Never’, but in this case that will depend very much on the content of Prof. Lahey’s Progress Report and on whether Forest NS and allies are able to thwart any action on what they don’t like about it.

Is High Production Forestry compatible with the Nova Scotia Premier’s commitment to carbon neutrality? 11Mar2021
Simply put, one cannot make the assumption that “implementing the Lahey recommendations” will help to mitigate climate change

Rankin Government: “No plans to bring an interim moratorium while they work on implementing Lahey” – CBC 17Mar2021

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