Report from Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia almost there…

Peter Duinker, one of the Expert Advisors to the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia, gave a talk Thursday evening to the Halifax Field Naturalists on Old Forests in HRM, which inevitably invited questions about when the Report will be out. (HFN is a member of the Healthy Forest Coalition.)

I was not there (not to snub PD but I had made a commitment to attend the 30th Anniv. of the Sackville Rivers Association on the same evening), but someone who was present passed this on:

“Generally he said, legal review completed, report back to Lahey and his advisors for consideration, should be released soon.”

Pretty minimal, in keeping with Prof Lahey running as tight a ship as Mueller’s investigation in the U.S., for which he can be lauded.

More on the gossip side, someone else in the know has told me that the legal stuff relates to Nova Scotia’s exclusion from softwood lumber tariffs. If so, that suggests the Report will be recommending some government subsidy of better practices by Industrial Forestry in NS.

I guess we will know pretty soon.

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