Update on the clearcuts close to Gully Lake Wilderness Area: NSDNR changes them to partial cuts

Gully Lake hardwoods

Barely a day after Jonathan Riley wrote about clearcuts close to Gully Lake Wilderness Area in the Truro Daily News (May 23, 2017), the same news organization & journalist report that DNR backs away from Gully Lake clear cuts.

DNR staff changed the plan for all three blocks, labelled PI173495 A, B and C, May 24 from proposed clear cuts to proposed partial cuts. DNR did admit earlier this month that they were in talks with the Department of Environment about policies regarding forest harvests near protected spaces.

So…will NSDNR also back away from the proposed cuts by Loon lake Nature Reserve, a much smaller area and therefore much more vulnerable to destructive activities on its borders?

Thanks for your vigilance Jonathan Riley.

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