The Nova Scotia Advocate: “Port Hawkesbury Paper aligns with pro-fracking lobby in Guysborough County”

So reads a headline in the Nova Scotia Advocate for Mar 13, 2018

Port Hawkesbury Paper, while facing criticism about its clearcutting practices, is aligning itself with the pro-fracking elements within the Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MoDG) Council.

On March 7 officials associated with Port Hawkesbury Paper appeared before Council to deliver a report on the company’s forestry practices, prompted in part, by recent media stories regarding their company’s alleged, clear-cutting of old growth trees in the Loon Lake area of Guysborough County.

Before addressing concerns around their harvesting practices, it was stated that commercial forestry was much like fracking, given that the public had limited knowledge or understanding of either industries.

The official then went on to praise the MoDG for its motion and correspondence with the province in favour of lifting the unofficial fracking moratorium. saying that he saw this Council as “being leaders in this debate”. With that comment, it would appear Port Hawkesbury Paper, with its current questionable clear-cutting practices, has now aligned itself with the pro-fracking Guysborough Council and the mining industry in general.

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Note Mar 16, 2018: I revised the above in line with a revision in The Nova Scotia Advocate.

Tip of the hat to JL for pointing me to this one

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