Nova Scotia NRR looking for another senior level strategist 8Feb2022

Recently, there have been ads posted for 4 upper level strategists at NRR, (plus an Executive Director of Forestry and Wildlife),  so far no reference to Ecological Forestry vis a vis key Lahey recommendation

Prof.Lahey’s Independent Evaluation of the FPR was released Nov 30, 2021. Click on image to go to view it. He urged the department to appoint  a person committed to ecological forestry to the vacant statutory position of the province’s Chief Forester.

UPDATE Feb 21, 2022: And another, apparently.
Director Strategic Policy and Planning
Competition # : 34429
Department: Natural Resources & Renewables
Location: Blank
Type of Employment: Permanent
Union Status: Exclusion – Non Union – NSPG
Closing Date: 3/2/2022

UPDATE Feb 11, 2022: And another for the The Strategic Policy and Planning Division : Senior Policy Analyst (Program Admin Officer 4)
Competition # : 34368
Department: Natural Resources & Renewables
Closing Date: ​2/25/2022. View Job Advert on

UPDATE Feb 10, 2022: Another Strategic Priorities Division position in NRR advertised: Project Manager (Program Admin Officer 4) Competition #34346 Natural Resources & Renewables “As a member of the Strategic Priorities Division, the Project Manager will have an important role in advancing projects and supporting policy formation across a variety of subject-areas. As Project Manager, you will provide key project management support on key and emerging issues relating to clean energy, responsible natural resource development and achieving the Province’s sustainability goals” Closing 2/23/2022
I keep an eye out on job advertisements for positions at DNR/L&F/nowNRR as some clue to the direction the department is going.  We generally have little indication otherwise. While they may be required to advertise publicly new or replacement positions, we never hear who is hired or anything about the person once hired or what they do…

Not far back, NRR was advertising for a “Director Organizational Strategy & Renewal” (view post Dec 22, 2021)

Now this:

Senior Strategist
Competition # : 34279
Department: Natural Resources & Renewables
Location: HALIFAX
Type of Employment: Permanent
Union Status: Exclusion – Non Union – NSPG
Closing Date: 2/21/2022


I keep hoping I will see something related to Prof. Laheys recomommendations, released publicly on Nov 30, 2021, vis a vis implementation of ecological forestry, in particular this:

The Department needs to adopt a more centralized and directional approach to the organization of work on implementation of the FPR and assign overall leadership of the process to a forester who is committed to ecological forestry who has the experience and knowledge to lead Nova Scotia’s embrace of an ecological paradigm. Appointment of this person to the vacant statutory position of the province’s Chief Forester should be considered.

‘ Still hoping

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