Improvements to the Nova Scotia Harvest Plan Map Viewer announced Aug 2, 2017

Subscribers to the map-update notification for the Harvest Plans Map Viewer receive an e-mail when there are new postings (new proposals for harvests on Crown land) on the Map Viewer and a separate list of the new proposed harvests.

The info that is shown when you click on a harvest polygon now includes the Commenting Period Closing Date and the Harvest Prescription

In the latest notification, on Aug 2, 2017, there is an “Important Note

The August 2 update of the Harvest Plans Map Viewer (HPMV) will include changes to the web application itself. These updates are a result of public requests and suggestions that NSDNR has received since the map viewer was launched in April of 2016 and aim to further inform and aid users of the map viewer in their ability to identify and request information on areas of concern to them, and receive answers to questions about these sites.

Application updates will include:

  • The addition of available information for each harvest plan including:
    • Commenting period closing dates
    • Harvest prescription for site, in addition to the general classification of Clearcut harvest or Partial harvest
  • The ability to download shapefiles for proposed harvest plans
  • Removal of plans which have already been harvested
  • An email address is now a required field for both PTA requests and comments
  • Addition of National Parks to all basemaps

If you have questions regarding the use of the HPMV, we encourage you to use the “Help” tab at the top of the Map Viewer screen which outlines the application’s use, or to contact We thank you for using the Harvest Plans Map Viewer and hope these additions to the application are useful to you!

So the “Prescription Type” which I had noted in a previous post (July 30) had been added to the update list for July 24, is now accessible as well directly on the Map Viewer, a helpful addition, as are the Closing Dates.

I was sorry to see “Removal of plans which have already been harvested” cited above, as the old plans give some idea of recent cuts, approvals etc. in the area of a new proposed harvest, and conveyed that thought to Ryan McIntyre at NSDNR. He replied: “Thanks for the input… We considered leaving the cuts, but archiving them, and may go this route in future, but for now, so as not to clutter the map we decided to remove the old plans completely. I will certainly take your suggestion into consideration for future updates to the map viewer however.”

Thanks Ryan/NSDNR for the improvements and your consistently helpful responses to my inquiries and comments about use of the Harvest Plans Map Viewer.

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