Live: Nova Scotia rules on mill’s plan to pump effluent into Northumberland Strait 17Dec2019

CBC: “That means the matter will run squarely into the terms of the Boat Harbour Act”…Premier scheduled to address reporters tomorrow (Wed Dec 18, 2019)

“All decisions I will make will be based on science”. Many questions about poss. extension of Boat harbour. The Minister: “Decisions made on Boat Harbour are not made within this department”

UPDATE 4 pm Dec 17: Northern Pulp says company and Nova Scotia forestry industry in jeopardy following decision
The News (new Glascow), Dec 17, 2019.

An Environmental Assessment and the continued operations of Northern Pulp require an extension to the Boat Harbour Act,” he [Brian Baarda, CEO, Paper Excellence Canada] said. “Until we have a decision on the extension of the Boat Harbour Act, the future of Northern Pulp and Nova Scotia’s Forestry Sector remain in jeopardy.

UPDATE 12:08pm from NSE/Environmental Assessment:

This is to advise, on December 17, 2019, the Minister of Environment released a decision concerning the review of the Replacement Effluent Treatment Facility Project. The Minister has determined that an EA Report is appropriate in accordance with clause 18(b) of the Environmental Assessment Regulations, pursuant to Part IV of the Environment Act.

For more information pertaining to this decision, please visit:

View Letter from Minister of Environment to General Manager, NP

UPDATE: Province says Northern Pulp treatment facility proposal needs more work
Michael Gorman · CBC News · Posted: Dec 17, 2019 11:34 AM AT
Some extracts from the  CBC post updated circa 2 pm:

Nova Scotia Environment Minister Gordon Wilson says he does not have enough information to properly assess the potential effects to the environment of Northern Pulp’s proposed effluent treatment plant…

The minister has ordered the company to complete an environmental assessment report.

…The terms of reference for the report will be released by Jan. 10 and a 30-day public comment period will happen. From there the Pictou County mill would have up to two years to submit its environmental assessment report.

That means the matter will run squarely into the terms of the Boat Harbour Act, which calls for the mill to stop sending effluent to its current treatment facility in Boat Harbour by Jan. 31, 2020.

Government officials confirmed Tuesday the mill has filed an application to extend its industrial approval but would not say what that might mean for Boat Harbour on Feb. 1. The one person who can answer that question, Premier Stephen McNeil, wasn’t speaking Tuesday. He’s scheduled to address reporters on Wednesday.

UPDATE, TB on Twitter 11:32: BREAKING: NS Environment Minister Gordon Wilson has ordered Northern Pulp to provide more info and complete a full environmental assessment of its proposed effluent treatment plant. They company has 2 years to complete the EA report. 1/


11:05 am:


On CTV website:


While we wait: Tim Bousqet on Twitter – Heres a flow chart I made about what happens with each possible decision Environment Minister Gordon Wilson could make today about Northern Pulp’s environmental assessment (EA)

or this:

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