Nova Scotia’s Northern Pulp responds to critics of mill emissions failure, clearcutting

Northern Pulp has not had an easy go recently. In September we learned that the Pictou mill had failed emissions tests and later the Premier expressed concern about the $697.50 fine. In June, there was an uproar over clearcutting on prominent vistas in the touristy Wentworth Valley which according to author/activist Joan Baxter “was on a 6,184-acre piece of land that Nova Scotians had financed for Northern Pulp.”

In an Op-ed yesterday, the director of corporate communications for Paper Excellence Canada (the owner of Northern Pulp) acknowledges the bad publicity but wants the public to understand that “There is another side of Northern Pulp — several, actually. One of dedicated, hard-working employees who take pride in their accomplishments” reminding us that “The team at Northern Pulp consists of over 300 people who, like their friends and neighbours, juggle work commitments while raising families, volunteering and contributing to their community in a meaningful way.”

Read more in OPINION: The other side of the Northern Pulp story by Kathy Cloutier (Chronicle Herald, Oct 20, 2017).

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