2021 Mainland Moose Recovery Plan excludes Chebucto Peninsula from areas of Core Habitat management 5Jan2021

Map 5 from the Halifax Green Network Plan (2018)
Identification of the Chebucto Peninsula is inserted. The map illustrates the advanced level of landscape level planning for conservation of biodiversity by Halifax (HRM, all of Halifax Co.) Click image for larger version


Summary Historically moose in the the Bowater-Mersey St. Margarets Bay lands  were considered contiguous with the population on the Chebucto Peninsula  and  together formed  one of the four Core Population Areas recognized in 2012. The 2021 Mainland Moose Recovery Plan, however, excludes the Chebucto Peninsula from areas of Core Habitat. The reasons are a bit obscure but  seem to be related to the  Recovery Team’s contention  “that development has led to declines in the Chebucto Peninsula region” and “a loss of connectivity across the landscape”. However, there is no evidence that the declines on the Chebucto Peninsula have been any more precipitous than in other areas of NS that are retained as Core areas. Also, these comments do not recognize the demonstrated commitment of Halifax Regional Municipality, supported by its citizenry, to addressing habit and connectivity  issues, especially  for the Chebucto Peninsula. Surely, the Chebucto population should continue  to be treated as contiguous with the moose in the Bowater-Mersey St. Margaret’s Bay land, and part of the Core Habitat for the Mainland Moose.

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