Wasted Wood on Crown land in eastern Nova Scotia

Scene from Video by Goldboro1

A video speaks volumes.

“While out exploring the woods roads north of Isaac’s Harbour on August 8 I discovered huge piles of hardwood cut and stockpiled along the road. I estimate that there is between 2500 and 3000 cord piled there.

I found out that it was cut late summer/ early fall 2016 for biomass destined for the wood fired boiler in Port Hawkesbury. There were maple logs in the piles up to 24” around. This was an old growth stand that is considered by the NS DNR as “Waste Wood”.

This is a disgusting waste of our forests in my opinion. This is located at 45°14’27.37″N by 61°38’29.06″W ” – Goldboro1 on YouTube, Aug 11, 2017.

View Everett’s Road Wasted Hardwood.

Location on Google Earth at left,
Map of Crown lands at right.
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Global Forest Watch Map (above) shows tree cover loss (mostly due to clearcutting) and tree cover gain (mostly in old clearcuts) 2001-2015. Map from Nova Scotia Landscape Map Viewer (below) shows cover types with a large area of barrens to the east; one vover type is “HARVESTS”.

It is worth noting the extensive cutting in the area, exclusive of the large area of barrens to the east of where the video was taken (view Maps at left), and that this area is one of nutrient-depleted soils – see Figure 3 (scroll down after opening the link) in Keys et al.*

Clearly these clearcuts are having massive effects on the biodiversity of the area and are likely not sustainable even for industrial wood production alone.

I wonder if the particular cuts in the video were FSC certified.

*A Simple Geospatial Nutrient Budget Model for Assessing Forest Harvest Sustainability across Nova Scotia, Canada by Kevin Keys, Joshua D. Noseworthy, Jae Ogilvie, David L. Burton, Paul A. Arp. Open Journal of Forestry, 2016, Vol 6, pages 420-444. (View comments on this website.)

Thanks to Goldboro1 for documenting this mis-use of our Crown lands and sharing it openly.

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