High Production Forestry

On the Boater-St. Margaret’s Bay lands, June, 2021

From the initial June 25 2019 document describing the Project:

Project Objective
To develop a strategic approach, involving methods and procedures for identifying, ranking and selecting sites
for High Production forest management on Crown land

Next Steps and Timelines
• 2019: Finalize definition of HPF and develop draft selection criteria at the provincial scale for
stakeholder feedback [Targeted (Summer/Fall 2019), Broad (Fall 2019/Winter 2020)]
• Winter 2020: Final Report on Phase 1 deliverables

Progress to Date (as cited on Ecological Forestry Page on Dec 10, 2021:

  • Developed draft definition of High Production Forestry (HPF) and draft selection criteria at the provincial scale in Fall 2019 for stakeholder and public feedback
  • Public consultation via general release of Phase 1 Discussion paper in Winter 2020
  • Targeted stakeholder consultations held in-person and virtually in Spring 2020
  • Public release of HPF Phase 1 Final Report including site selection & ranking criteria in Summer 2021


Not greatly behind schedule, but  the Big Questions remain: how much and what land is to be included in the HPF component of the Triad, and Who is going to pay for it? 

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