Nova Scotia Natural Resources and Renewables looking for a Policy Analyst 29Apr2023

Prof.Lahey’s Independent Evaluation of the FPR was released Nov 30, 2021. Click on image to go to view it. He urged the department to appoint  a person committed to ecological forestry to the vacant statutory position of the province’s Chief Forester.

UPDATE May 4, 2022: Hiring of strategists, organizers, analyzers and communicators at NSNRR continues
re: Ad for a Project Manager (Program Admin Officer 4)
Competition # : 35384
Department: Natural Resources & Renewables
Location: HALIFAX
Closing Date: ​5/17/2022​

For the record, hiring of strategists etc at NRR continues… still no reference to Ecological Forestry.

Policy Analyst (Research & Stat Officer 3)
Competition # : 35155
Department: Natural Resources & Renewables
Location: HALIFAX
Closing Date: 5/11/2022

A few of the key responsibilities of this role include:

  • Researching and conducting statistical analysis related to a range of natural resources and renewables strategies, initiatives and project
  • Supporting policy and program review and evaluation through statistical analysis
  • Identifying and analyzing policy options and presenting summaries, recommendations and reports to inform decision-making
  • Providing operational and analytical research for the development of department-wide, branch and divisional strategic, operational, and process planning
  • Preparing reports, presentations and briefing materials for senior leadership

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