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A little of what Nova Scotians see and feel.

The Acadian Forest, the story so far
by Mark Brennan, 2011.”This film is a response to the loss, by clear cutting, of a piece of Acadian Forest in my local area by Wagner Forest Management Ltd in the fall of 2010. This ecosystem backed onto a large wetland and was part of a watershed for a nearby river….”

Scott Leslie’s clear-cut photos of Nova Scotia clearcuts
Post on this website Dec 9, 2017; it introduces the HFN page with Scott’s aerial views taken in the early summer of 2017 in Annapolis Co. and Cape Breton.

From Video by Ken Griffin

Wasted Wood on Facebook | On Youtube
By Goldboro1, Aug 11, 2017: “While out exploring the woods roads north of Isaac’s Harbour on August 8 I discovered huge piles of hardwood cut and stockpiled along the road. I estimate that there is between 2500 and 3000 cord piled there. I found out that it was cut late summer/ early fall 2016 for biomass destined for the wood fired boiler in Port Hawkesbury. There were maple logs in the piles up to 24” around. This was an old growth stand that is considered by the NS DNR as “Waste Wood”. This is a disgusting waste of our forests in my opinion. This is located at 45°14’27.37″N by 61°38’29.06″W ”

Stop Clearcutting Nova Scotia 1
Published on May 23, 2017 by Ecology Action Centre. Number 2 (posted May 29, 2017) Number 3 (posted June 4, 2017) Number 4 (posted June 24, 2017) Number 5 (posted Aug 15, 2017) Number 6 (posted Sep 26, 2017)

Aerial View of Clear Cut Mature Acadian Forest On Top of Stream
Cliff Serentine, Oct 18, 2016. Cape Breton. Large, remote clearcuts in mature Acadian forest, with disregard for watercourses, removal of habitat.

Pulp Plantations: Ecological Dead Zones
Cliff Seruntine, Aug 7, 2017. The video illustrates the stark contrast of mixed Acadian forest (with one hemlock close to 5 ft diameter), with clearcut forests managed for softwood.

Revelations: Clear Cut Wipes Out Endangered Southern Flying Squirrel Habitat
Cliff Seruntine,July 5, 2017 “While teaching a foraging course, I recently discovered the forestry industry had cut an old forest in the interior of Nova Scotia, a place where an extremely rare group of southern flying squirrels lived (Status: At Risk). Also cut over was a vernal pond. The cut ran right beside a spring, its watercourse and another vernal pond. Either no assessment had been done, or if one were done and the at-risk wildlife present were known, it was ignored.”

Clearcut at Raven Head, Sep 29, 2011

The Consequences of Clear Cutting Old Forest
Cliff Serentine, Sep 29, 2016. Cape Breton.

Video of clearcut at Higgins Mountain, Cumberland Co.
MsNaturefirst May 18, 2011

the clear cut biomass message.wmv
kathydidkowsky1. “This video walks you through one peaceful forest in Caribou Gold Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada, that was turned into a wasteland by industry.
Nova Scotia’s forests are being ravaged by clear cutting. Great old giants, which took a century to grow, along with their tiny offspring saplings,are being ground for biomass and burned in just minutes. These trees, left standing, give back much more than we can ever count in dollars. Wildlife, plants and insects are losing their habitat. Waterways are being destroyed. Stand up and speak out for those great old giants that can’t speak for themselves..”

Clear Cutting Nova Scotia
by OutDoorZombie. Sep 16, 2016. Deforestation at Bayers Lake, Halifax

Fiber-farming the Cape Breton Highlands
By RobertDevet in The Nova Scotia Advocate, October 22, 2016 Video by Dave Thomas. A weekend video with a difference. No story line, no sound, no people, just images from a drone flying high above the Cape Breton Highlands.

How Pulpwood Plantations Starve Wildlife: a Side-by-Side Comparison
Video by Cliff Serentine Oct 18, 2016. “Let’s skirt the edge of a hardwood forest beside a pulpwood plantation and take a close look at the difference in what each has to offer wildlife. And as you will see, hardwood forests and their meadows and glades provide rich habitat with diverse food for browsers and pollinators. Pulpwoods, on the other hand, offer wildlife virtually nothing. The difference is clearly visible, a distinct line between the natural hardwoods and pulpwood plantation.”

Photos of Whole-tree clear-cut harvesting
View: Greenwashing Away Nova Scotia’s forests
Photos by Jamie Simpson, 2009.

Northern Pulp whole-tree clearcut
Photos by Jamie Simpson, 2010.

Bowater Clearcut
Photos by Jamie Simpson, 2010.

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