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Clearcut at Raven Head, Sep 29, 2011

A little of what Nova Scotians see and feel.

Stop Clearcutting Nova Scotia 1
Published on May 23, 2017 by Ecology Action Centre. Number 2 (posted May 29, 2017) Number 3 (posted June 4, 2017) Number 4 (posted June 24, 2017).

Aerial View of Clear Cut Mature Acadian Forest On Top of Stream
Cliff Serentine, Oct 18, 2016. Cape Breton. Large, remote clearcuts in mature Acadian forest, with disregard for watercourses, removal of habitat.

The Consequences of Clear Cutting Old Forest
Cliff Serentine, Sep 29, 2016. Cape Breton.

Video of clearcut at Higgins Mountain, Cumberland Co.
MsNaturefirst May 18, 2011

the clear cut biomass message.wmv
kathydidkowsky1. “This video walks you through one peaceful forest in Caribou Gold Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada, that was turned into a wasteland by industry.
Nova Scotia’s forests are being ravaged by clear cutting. Great old giants, which took a century to grow, along with their tiny offspring saplings,are being ground for biomass and burned in just minutes. These trees, left standing, give back much more than we can ever count in dollars. Wildlife, plants and insects are losing their habitat. Waterways are being destroyed. Stand up and speak out for those great old giants that can’t speak for themselves..”

Clear Cutting Nova Scotia
by OutDoorZombie. Sep 16, 2016. Deforestation at Bayers Lake, Halifax

Fiber-farming the Cape Breton Highlands
By RobertDevet in The Nova Scotia Advocate, October 22, 2016 Video by Dave Thomas. A weekend video with a difference. No story line, no sound, no people, just images from a drone flying high above the Cape Breton Highlands.

Photos of Whole-tree clear-cut harvesting
View: Greenwashing Away Nova Scotia’s forests
Photos by Jamie Simpson, 2009.

Northern Pulp whole-tree clearcut
Photos by Jamie Simpson, 2010.

Bowater Clearcut
Photos by Jamie Simpson, 2010.