Medway Community Forest Co-op posts detailed plans for its proposed harvests/management of Crown land blocks 31Aug2020

Complete with photographs and detailed maps. View Harvest Blocks Open for Comment – August 2020

I guess the question could be asked, why is such info not routinely made available for all proposed harvests of our Crown lands, paid for by those who benefit directly from the harvests?

For more about Community Forests, view MTRI, What is a community forest?
For more about the Medway Community Forest Co-op (MCFC),
view their Website | Facebook Page

From the MCFC website:

We have a diverse membership, anyone who supports our mission and objectives can join and have a say in the inner happenings of the MCFC. If you’re interested in becoming a member, consider joining us today.

Our license area is over 15,000 hectares and is nestled with an extensive network of parks and protected areas including Kejimkujik National Park and Historic Site, The Tobeatic Wilderness Area and the newly formed Medway Lakes Wilderness Area.

Our stakeholders are an active part of decision-making within the MCFC. We are proud to host a diverse group with interests from First Nations, forest industry, environmental NGOs and adjacent land owners.

Crown Land Forest Management
During our 3-year pilot phase, the MCFC developed a unique management plan that covers the regulatory requirements to operate on Crown Land and integrates the values found within our community. Our forest practices are rooted in principles of ecological forestry, integrating adaptability and resiliency into our forests rather than managing for market forces. The MCFC management plan is still in draft form, but we’re looking forward to releasing a final draft in 2020. Learn More

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