Dispatches from Moose Country Day 23

By Nina Newington on The Healthy Forest Coalition Facebook Page. Nov 13, 2020

“Dispatches from the Moose Country Blockade – Day 23
This logging road was expanded and extended into prime moose habitat in order to clearcut and haul out this forest. A forest with 60 to 80 year old trees plus lots of younger red spruce and pine coming along. Just the sort of forest that should form part of the ‘ecological matrix’ recommended by the Lahey report. Where forestry is carried out with a light touch and in the interest of ecosystem health. Instead our government serves the interests of industrial forestry, approving huge clear cuts in an area where moose are known to live. This forest wraps around a water meadow next to Rocky Point Lake. By law our government is required to provide for the recovery of endangered species such as the mainland moose. Drafting regulations while you permit the destruction of the very places that might allow moose populations to recover is farcical. Or it would be if it weren’t tragic. Good thing we’re blocking access to this forest. But we can’t be everywhere and we should not have to play cat and mouse with our own government.”