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View of Cranberry Lake from southern end of Pot Lake Loop of The Bluff Wilderness Hiking Trail Oct 12, 2009

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Trails Nova Scotia
Sponsored by Health and Wellness Nova Scotia, it provides info about formally recognized walking and shared use trails, snowmobile trails, sea kayak routes etc. which can be found via interactive maps.

Opinion: Our provincial parks are in jeopardy
Dale Smith in CH, July 14, 2017. “Undervalued and unappreciated, the parks program effectively has been orphaned and tossed in with a potpourri of strangers and misfits without common interest or purpose” (CH précis).

Trails and Parks Layers shown for map at exploreNS.ca

Interactive Map. See Annapolis Valley cartographer builds sightseeing map of Nova Scotia (CBC Jan 5, 2016) for more about it.