Feeling the heat

forestns_forestinfo_truro-1-1-1UPDATE (Sep 9): The herbicide info meeting didn’t go so well. “A meeting intended to reassure people on the safety of glyphosate use on forests became heated at times, with many residents expressing their concerns.” Read more in the Truro Daily News.

Original Post (Sep 7, 2016): ForestInfo is holding an “interactive session to learn more about the science of forest renewal and herbicide use” in Truro this evening.

It will feature a panel of pro-industrial forestry folks. But if you can’t make it, visit ForestInfo.ca where four videos vouch for the safety and and espouse the benefits of herbicides: Why are herbicides used?, How are herbicides used safely?, Risk to human health, and Risk to animals.

ForestInfo, apparently based in New Brunswick, describes itself as “a group of researchers, scientists, government and industry working together to share resources and information about Forest Renewal and Vegetation Management”. Its partners are given as Natural Resources Canada, NB, Forest NB, Forest Protection Ltd., J.D. Irving Ltd.

‘So reassuring to see our tax dollars supporting such objective information sessions!

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