Sadness in the voices of Nova Scotians commenting on clearcutting

“It’s all around us and it breaks my heart…”

CBC Mainstreet NS aired some of many comments received following Bob Murphy’s interviews with Raymond Plourde and Karen Beazley concerning proposed clearcuts close to the Gully Lake Wilderness Area.

I was particularly struck by the profound sense of sadness conveyed in the voices of two people who conveyed their comments in telephone messages.

Below are transcripts from those messages.


I live in Kemptville just outside of Yarmouth and my husband and I just bought the house where I grew up and in my life I don’t ever remember clearcutting like it is right now.
There are dozens of trucks going by my house all of the time and I’m almost at the end of the pavement so there’s not a lot of traffic here generally.

Clearcutting has affected our family camp, the clearcutting going right to the property line and it just doesn’t even feel like camp anymore.

It’s all around us and it breaks my heart. I feel like our province will not be the same for my children. I feel like we are losing something so valuable and I don’t feel like it’s a sustainable process if it takes decades to regrow to what it was… it should be a really important part of this election, it is to me.


I was one of the people who worked very hard to conserve Gully Lake. I used to take part in a lot of public consultations by DNR but I don’t bother any more. I really don’t believe Nova Scotians have a voice if you are not involved in the forest industry when it comes to managing the lands.

I actually believe we will see a day when DNR will want to start cutting in Protected Areas.

All of this is unfortunately a reflection of our society where everything we come into contact with whether in the ocean or on the land is just a commodity for mass consumption.

Other comments were of a similar ilk. No one phoned in to defend clearcutting.

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