A day of mourning for Nova Scotia’s forests & wildlife

Mourning Nature, work by Maria P

In an op-ed, Donna Crossland of the Healthy Forest Coalition writes about the losses being mourned at the “Forest Funeral” taking place today in Halifax.

When bobcat and fisher lose their homes through clearcutting, seldom can they move elsewhere to set up a new home range, as “elsewhere” is already occupied. Thus, they cannot find sufficient food and often starve.

Barred Owl in proposed Shingle Lake Nature Reserve, July 29, 2017. Clearcuts are scheduled nearby.

During their last days they may hide away to die slow, agonizing deaths. Wildlife biologist Soren Bondrup-Nielsen explains that we rarely witness their suffering because they tend to retreat to dense brush or other secluded locations. Scavengers quickly devour their remains. The relationship is simple: No forests, no wildlife…

View OPINION: Forest destruction takes tragic toll on wildlife by Donna Crossland in the Chronicle Herald, Oct 18, 2017.

The op-ed closes with an invitation to attend the Forest Funeral.

Below is a schedule for the event

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