Wastes and Residues

Natural Resources Canada: Forest Bioenergy
Sections: Is forest bioenergy good for the environment?, What is forest bioenergy?, Why is there interest in forest bioenergy?, Forest bioenergy as an offset to fossil fuels, Does it make sense to increase forest bioenergy production? What is the best use of Canada’s forest? Is it better to use salvaged wood for bioenergy or to let it decompose in the forest? Why are wood pellets exported to Europe rather than used in Canada?
A useful reference to Canada’s thinking, policies etc. It illustrates the duplicitous use of science, on the one hand acknowledging it where it is convenient to do so, on the other using fuzzy language to ignore it in order to justify Canada’s promotion of forest bioenergy.

Clean Energy from Wood Residues in Michigan
Michigan Biomass Energy Program. Dulcey Simpkins, Coordinator Discussion Paper June 2006. Discusses various uses of wood wastes, Characteristics of Wood Energy Feedstocks, Wood Residue Pathways, Quantities and Prices, Conversion Technologies etc.