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‘Not intended to be comprehensive.
Just some items I happen to catch that are worth noting.
Begins on Jan 16, 2019, most recent ones at top.

Feb 16, 2019:
“Clear-Cut” removed from HPMV
Post on Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova.

So what’s going on here folks? asks Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova.

Feb 6, 2019:
Discussion on HFC of soil acidification, Minister Rankin joins in response to ‘we need to know’
DGP: “Specifically, we need to know what’s happening in regard to Conclusions #161,2, 3 in the Lahey Report…”
IR: “the recommendation on the evaluation was accepted, as per our response. It is being lead by Prof Lahey himself and staff have recently met with him to go over what the framework for evaluation will look like. I have discussed how we can provide regular updates with staff this morning. We have teams already assembled for the priority items.”

Feb 2, 2019
Look who Tops the List
Barry Randle on Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill

Feb 1, 2019

Some Market Research
Initiated by Frank Higgins on HFC/ If 2” dimensional lumber(2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12) prices averaged $1000/thousand board feet at retail stores, what does everyone think a fair price would be for a contractor to charge if they came to your woodlot, selectively harvested small amounts of quality timber with a chainsaw, skidded the logs with a horse and milled the lumber on site with a portable saw mill? $600/thousand? $800/thousand? Any thoughts would be appreciated.”

Discussion of Harvest Plan Map Viewer Transparency
On Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia. Related post on NSFN: Nova Scotia Forestry Maps removing “harvest plans that are no longer open to comments” (Jan 31, 2019). Also: Letter from ML, re Map Viewer (Jan 31, 2019, on HFC)

Is WestFor Management Inc and their 13 shareholders, and the Department of Lands and Forestry THAT DESPERATE to provide “Fibre” that they have to CUT TREES in the MIDDLE OF TWO PROTECTED AREAS?
ON Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova.

Shelly Hipson Video in a recent WestFor clearcut
On Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia No narration necessary. View also Shelly’s Lament, her not so silent anguish. “Some would surely think I was mad…for feeling this much pain for a forest. Some days I wish I would not feel so deeply…”

Jan 31, 2019
Discussion of “Canada’s climate gap widens yet again on” HFC
Initial post by Joan Morrison

Responses to changes in the HPMV

Jan 30, 2019
NP to hold PR event “on the VERY same day that PLFN is having their sacred event to count down the last year of this terrible injustice”
DG on Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill View also this post from the moderator.

Jan 27, 2019
Shelly Hipson: We want Freeman Lumber to be a part of the solution
“Freeman Lumber, who are shareholders of WestFor Management Inc., and have a license with the Province of Nova Scotia – gave a tour to our Progressive Conservative MLA Kim Masland for Queens – Shelburne. The majority of approved harvests are clear-cuts. We want Freeman Lumber to be a part of the solution, and do ecological forestry on ALL LAND. Post on HFC

On Turner Woodlot. HFC photo

Jan 24, 2019:
– HFC tour of woodlot owned by J.A. Turner and Sons Ltd. of West Northfield
With photos. On The Healthy Forest Coalition

Jan 23, 2019:
“This is a follow-up email which I’ve sent to Annapolis County Warden, Timothy Habinski, and Councillor Gregory Heming..”
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

NSWOOA Discussion of CBC story Woodlot Owners look to Lahey report as ‘road’ not roadblock to prosperity
On NSWWOA Facebook page.

Jan 21, 2019:
– On Forest Biomass, discussion stimulated by ‘Burned’
On Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova.

Mourning Nature by Maria P
“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” – John Muir
“We might not find our souls much longer” – Richard Gordan Armstrong

Jan 20, 2019:
Initiated by Bev Wigney on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

Jan 19, 2019:
We might not find our souls much longer!.
Richard Gordan Armstrong shared a post On Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia, post shared was on Ancient Forests & Champion Trees

Terri Vernon initiated post On Birding as a multi-million $ Industry (On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology)

Jan 18, 2019:
Info Request:
Re Lahey small scale irregular shelterwood… What type of equipment would work well for this treatment? Smaller Harvester, wheels or threads? Head? On HFC. Early Response from Mary Jane Rodger of The Medway Community Forest Co-op, others join the discussion.

Jan 17, 2019:
Bev Wigney-initiated discussion
NEWS!! NEWS!! NEWS!! CORBETT-DALHOUSIE LAKE FOREST While this isn’t what I would call cause for rejoicing, it is a somewhat hopeful development…

Jan 16, 2019:
Ken Burrows-initiated discussion related to the Old Forest Policy Layer; Minister Rankin joins in
On Healthy Forest Coalition. Results in Constructive discussion with the Minister: “Iain Rankin to David Graham Patriquin: fair comments on the smaller than polygon potential ‘old growth’. I will discuss with staff and have them reach out to the licence holder about their plans for harvesting and retention areas.”

Bev Wigney regarding “Old Growth” stands and how the current industrial harvest system prevents them from existing or developing in multi-aged stands.
& a related Re-Post
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

Adam Forest on DNR Land Purchase
“Two years ago DNR bought a hundred +acer wood lot from a private land owner who had just finished clear cutting it.. Within months westfor is driving across it to access the crown land next to it. Westfor lease says westfor must make it’s own deals to cross private land. I called dnr to ask why are tax dollars were used to buy another cunk of clercut ?The answer I got dnr bought the land to improve access to crown and only coincidentally did westfor need to cross this lot. This is totally unfair to the tax payers and other contractors”. On Healthy Forest Coalition.

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