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Frontispiece for People for Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova Scotia June 12, 2019. View full image. View: “McGill Point near Wagner Lake, Shelburne County near approved clear-cut”

‘This page ‘not intended to be comprehensive.
Just some items I happen to catch that are worth noting.
Begins on Jan 16, 2019, most recent ones at top.

Jan 26, 2020
When NP lost their social license

Dave Gunning on Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill (Public Facebook Group)
Click on image at left for full story if no access to Facebook. An important reminder. Where were the voices of Big Forestry then – the ones that we hear so loudly now that The Mill is closed?

SL on Save Little Harbour/Owls Head Nova Scotia From Becoming A Golf Course: Okay, I took my time and put together a map showing the properties already owned by G. S. Beckwith Gilbert in Little Harbour. The land with the lighthouse owned by Transport Canada is the land the provincial government is in negotiations with the Federal government on behalf of Lighthouse Links Development Company owned by Gilbert. Of course, there is our precious Owls Head Provincial Park that this government wants to sell to Lighthouse Links Development Company owned by Gilbert. I have put a red dot by all the properties that G. S. Beckwith Gilbert has already purchased in Little Harbour. There are 21 all together. I note a piece of land in orange, a pending sale and a piece of land in blue for sale.

Jan 25, 2020
SL on allowing the world to become whole again
On Save Little Harbour/Owls Head Nova Scotia From Becoming A Golf Course (Public Facebook Group). SL cites a poem by an anonymous author: “I want to help build little pieces of peaceful prosperity and watch then spread like dandelions…We do have to give up our luxuries, in order to have World Peace… Put down your smartphone and talk to someone…And let us let the world become whole again… So that the Children of Children May Know World Peace…” Can’t access FB? read full text here

Jan 22, 2020
Greg Watson, two videos on forest management for sawmills, post-The Mill
On Healthy Forest Coalition Facebook page. GW is with North Nova Forestry (Forest Management Co-op)

Jan 21, 2019
BW comments on proposed harvest of Birch Hill Forest in Annapolis Co.
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology. (No access to Facebook? The full text is also available here) “COMMENTS FOR PARCEL AP068166A
ONE:: – According to the Habitat Conservation Strategy for Southwest Nova Scotia (SWNS) Conservation Value Index (CVI) the largest part of this stand has a CVI ranking of “HIGH”…TWO:: – What is the point of this “shelterwood” harvest prescription? A shelterwood is generally used to help establish a young forest. This ALREADY IS an established hardwood forest – predominantly SUGAR MAPLE…THREE:: – We’ve been out to see this forest – the hardwood all seem PERFECTLY FINE – they are doing well, but are too immature to harvest for lumber….FOUR: – This healthy, young hardwood stand, located high on a hill, overlooks many hectares of former forest which has all been hacked down in previous clear cuts. Is the goal of this harvest to remove the LAST VESTIGES OF RECOGNIZABLE FOREST between Bridgetown and Roxbury…FIVE:: – With so much hardwood having been SCALPED off of the Crown land forests in our area, we are running low on proper habitat for so many of the bird species that nest in shade tolerant hardwood forests. Further, a forest like this, located high on a hill in the midst of a SEA OF CLEAR CUTS – is just the kind of forest that provides extremely valuable nesting trees for raptors…SIX: – Removing the bulk of trees off the top of a high hill will create soil erosion and also send more water flowing down off of the South Mountain into the Annapolis Valley and River…” In the comments section, observations of the highly invasive glossy buckthorn growing up in clearcuts are noted and discussed.

Concerns over proposed cuts close to Tobeatic
People for Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova Scotia.” VERY VERY DISTURBING.>>>RED MARKS ON THE PURPLE AND GREEN Jan 19, 2020ARE OLD FOREST/MULTI-AGED FORESTS/MATURE FORESTS – THAT WESTFOR AND THE DEPARTMENT ARE PROPOSING TO CUT DOWN ON CROWN LAND NEAR THE TOBEATIC WILDERNESS AREA. Because the proposed cuts near the Tobeatic are so remote – with no roads – and few people have visited the area – we ONLY HAVE MAPS to learn from to make comment to the Department in their FAKE consultation process.What we know so far? MARKED IN RED: WestFor Management Inc. with the blessing of the Department of Lands and Forestry – are proposing to cut down 80% of several plots Multi-aged OLD FOREST (in purple) and MATURE FOREST. Would it be possible that some of this area is OLD GROWTH? Certainly. We are also VERY CONCERNED about the Department OPENING UP THIS AREA WITH ROAD CONSTRUCTION FOR LOGGING. Without PROPER BIOLOGY SURVEYS – what animals live in this secluded area? The Endanger Mainland Moose? Has anyone traveled back there to evaluate species at risk?…”

Jan 13, 2020
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology, referencing post by Caitlin Grady on Save Little Harbour/Owls Head Nova Scotia From Becoming A Golf Course

Jan 5, 2020

Owls Head

Jan 5, 2020
Save Little Harbour/Owls Head Nova Scotia From Becoming A Golf Course
Public Facebook Group for Dec 19, 2020. “Lands and Forestry Minister Iain Rankin said the government was comfortable removing the designation (legal protection) because the land isn’t a priority for legal protection. He didn’t ask the residents how they felt. The people who want to buy the land hired a former Liberal cabinet minister Michel Samson to lobby on their behalf. Something smells fishy here and it is not the fish.”

Jan 5, 2020
Clearcutting will eventually bring flooding, plain and simple
Brad S. on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology, citing this CBC story: ‘We’re going to see more of this’: Spring flooding in B.C. may be worsened by logging practices, Jon Hernandez – CBC News Jan 4, 2020

Jan 3, 2020
Sue ES on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology – new Crown Land harvest Plans
“Wow, they aren’t slowing down they are building up. 690 MORE hectares slated for demolition and some of them only have 10 days for comments. 190 more hectares here in Annapolis County.”

Jan 2, 2020
WWNS discussion of CH story
Beswick: Northern Pulp fallout continues (Chronicle Herald, Jan 1, 2020). From that article: “The drop in stumpage prices paid for studwood and the lack of a market for pulpwood has caused Tupper to put a hold on progressive forest management programs like commercial thinnings on the 18,000 hectares managed by Athol. The numbers on the type of ecological forestry advocated by the Lahey Report and which the Department of Lands and Forestry has been working toward implementing, don’t add up anymore. “A clearcut or something closely resembling a clearcut is now the only type of harvest that’s really viable because they will need to take the best material out of each stand to make it viable,” said Tupper. “I think people are thinking that the pulp mill going is good because there will be less forest harvesting. They will actually see less of the stand improvement work that the public wants to see.”

Jan 1, 2020
Information Gathering
BW on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology On work options concerning the thousands of displaced workers in the forestry industry.

Dec 26, 2019
Take back the Forest Day-2019
Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology . “This afternoon, more than 30 (mostly) Annapolis County residents, visited OUR forest at Corbett-Dalhousie Lake peninsula.” For some context, view Nova Scotia Old Growth Ground Zero”

Dec 24, 2019
The Dishonourable Honourables
by One Not So Bored Housewife (blog) “Why are we cutting down our protected areas, right before we protect them?…” The piece is a review of the inaction since the Lahey Report.

Dec 23, 2019
People for Ecological Forestry

Dec 22, 2019
…here in Annapolis County. If you’re feeling like a nice walk in the woods after all the Christmas festivities, make your way to Corbett-Dalhousie Lake Forest on BOXING DAY (Dec. 26) to celebrate in our community’s wonderful, peaceful forest!! On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

Dec 14, 2019
Letter from Bob Bancroft and Donna Crossland to Shelburne Municipal Council Dec. 3, 2019
On People for Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova Scotia, also available here.

Nov 15, 2019
Norway to tax net pens out of the ocean…
Post by B.B. On Save the Bay of Fundy Heritage “Norway to tax net pens out of the ocean with a new 40% environmental damages tax (like they have on oil) disguised as a “rent tax”. Land based licenses are free while net pen licenses are 10-30 million Canadian each! Norway wants the pens GONE! Billionaires react. Link to news Item: Salmon billionaire launches full scale attack at resource rent tax proposal LOL (Sometimes its difficult to obtain a link to the precise post, notably when that post begins with a link as in this case)

Nov 14, 2019:
Dale Smith: Why Nova Scotia desperately needs a land ethic
Dale Smith in Chronicle Herald: it’s viewable on WWNS
Comments also on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology(Sometimes its difficult to obtain a link to the precise post, notably when that post begins with a link as in this case)

Nov 12, 2019:

Sugar Maple cut in Cumberland Co. NS and SW Nova Scotia going to N.B.?
On Woods and Waters NS. ‘Needs to be confirmed (or not)… I wonder about poss. movement of Hemlock Wooly Adelgid from SW Nova Scotia via such shipments

Nov 5, 2019
Chief Andrea Paul: Confirmation government has no intention to extend Boat Harbour deadline
on Chief Andrea’s Information Page

Oct 31, 2019.
& More Clearcuts

“This was taken of the recent clear cut on the Hampton Mtn. Rd. 46 + acres gone in about 10 days. There is a further 79 acres just sold next to this lot, not holding out much hope for this. Also people who burn wood should start asking if it being sustainably harvested.” RW on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology Oct 31, 2019. view video

Oct 28, 2019:
More clear cuts
& “where is Stephen?” NN on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

Oct 27, 2019
“I am not good with words or writing petitions but as an artist I wanted to do my part and make people aware of what’s going on in our forests and that it needs to change. Thank you all for fighting for our environment. Here is my newest piece “Unsalvageable” inspired by you.” – Moni Duersch on Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill

Oct 18, 2019
On a Roll for the Wild Atlantic Salmon and the Fisheries Act
Sonja Wood on Official page for Treaty Truckhouse against Alton Gas. On Sonja’s remarkable wheelchair journey for the Atlantic salmon – and the underwhelming reception in Ottawa so far.

Joan Baxter photo

Oct 15, 2019
Joan Baxter: What do we have to show for 3 gold rushes in Nova Scotia?
On WWNS. “Answer: Vast areas contaminated by arsenic and mercury in 64 gold districts” (with photo of sign showing arsenic advisory)

Oct 14, 2019
On Keddy: Don’t move to the country to build your dream home
Comments by Bev W and others on an op-ed by wetland ecology and conservation biologist Paul Keddy in the Ottawa Citizen

Oct 12, 2019
Woods and Waters 3 years on
“It is hard to believe that nearly three years have elapsed since I jumped into the deep end of social media and launched Woods and Waters Nova Scotia with the accompanying photo of massive clearcuts at Indian Lake Halifax County…In closing I believe it is important to reiterate every so often the purpose of Woods and Waters Nova Scotia in order to maintain focus. The intent is not anti-government, nor anti-industry, nor anti-forestry, nor anti-employment, nor anti-anything. Quite the opposite. W&WNS is about accountability and transparency. It is about good practices and management. It is about sustainable use not unfettered abuse. It is about common sense trumping (sorry) dollars and cents. It is about cleaning up the present and protecting the future, not just ours but generations to come. May the forest be with you and yours.”

Oct 8, 2019
What is ecological about leaving 10% of a forest Premier McNeil?
on People for Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova Scotia.

Mixed Messages

Oct 7, 2019
Concerns about clearcuts in Pockwock Watershed
On Woods and Waters Nova Scotia Oct 6, 2019

Sep 7, 2019
North Nova Forest owners Co-op: Horse logging
Photos of “Horse logging this week in Balmoral on a side hill that’s inoperable for the harvester crew”

July 23, 2019
Bev Wigney on the amendments to the Migratory Birds Convention Act
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology. ” To me, it seems to indicate that, outside of nesting season, one could destroy a nest so long as no live bird or viable egg was present — but we already know how poorly the vital nesting and rearing (breeding) period (to use their words), is being honoured and enforced….”

July 15, 2019

On People for Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova Scotia. Also view this earlier post with more info about the site.

July 11, 2019
Bev Wigney on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology
What does it take to protect an animal?
Char Dorey on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology cites a 1981 article on NS L&F website. It begins:
“A law written on a piece of paper make s it illegal to kill red-eyed vireos. Yet a bull dozer, legally pushing its way through the forest to build a new road, crushes a tree, and four fledgling vireos that would have been able to fly within a week are lost in the pile of earth and twisted roots.” Article by Tony Duke December 1981 NS Lands and Forests. Writes Char “Where the Corbett-Dalhousie parcel is concerned, it would be prudent for Mr. Rankin to follow the advice of Tony Duke in 1981, found in an article posted on their own website, to better avoid looking like a bunch of hypocrites.”

July 1, 2019
Joys of Canada when the neighbouring forest is being cut
Sue ES on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

Cheryl Stone Photo

June 29, 2019
Downed nests found after powerline cuts
Cheryl Stone on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

June 28, 2019
Clearcut on North Mountain along Hampton Mountain Rd
Nina Newington on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology. “Cutting started on Monday, June 24th. It’s nesting season and, although the Forest Technician, Steve Ward, claimed to have heard no birds at all when he was surveying the property…This cut is on private land, land purchased less than a year ago. The landowner specifically asked that the land be clearcut. By law, that is his right. It is our right to stand up and say this is wrong. Clearcutting forests has to stop.”

Bev Wigney on on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology.”I would also like to know who the “stakeholders” are. I think the public are just as much stakeholders as anyone… Some of us are being subjected to 24/7 noise and even soccer-field type lighting from huge operations around us. There are bears with cubs that have actually moved into people’s yards around here (seriously – i am not making this up — we have tons of photos now). We have roads being torn to pieces around here, and mud flows going out across roads. We have an organic farm that was recently inundated with muck and water flowing downhill from a clearcut into their land and small lake…it is “high time” that the public be considered right up front as the PRIMARY STAKEHOLDER at the table.

WestFor begins new logging on Corbett-Dalhousie Lake Forest on June 9, 2019

Scheduled for June 15, 2019:
Walk in the Corbett-Dalhousie Lake Forest
Extinction Rebellion public eventJune 2, 2019:
Bev Wigney on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology. “Wherein I turn a critical eye on “how things were done” on the harvested part of the hardwood parcel at Corbett-Dalhousie Lake Forest.” Also, another post June 2: This is how the soil looks all through the ripped up extraction roads. June 3: WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR CORBETT-DALHOUSIE LAKE FOREST ?. June 4: Sign outlining Westfor’s intentions…. June 5: TO DO LIST FOR TODAY… Two expert birders were on that site last week and it is FULL of migratory birds (comment from one: “There were many neotropical migrants singing in this forest, already on territory last week.” Disturbing the forest right now is in direct conflict with the Migratory Birds Convention Act.

From Bev Wigney’s Rant on Forest Roads

May 26, 2019:
FOREST ROADS (Sunday morning rant)
Bev Wigney on ‎Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

May 20, 2019:
Why is that we the people have to continually monitor the actions of L&F when it comes to harvesting the forests of this province?
Post on WWNS

May 10, 2019:
Video illustrating lack of protection of small watercourse by logging op. on Crown land
On People for Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova Scotia. It is noted that “The Wildlife Habitat and Watercourses Protection Regulations state:
Protection of watercourse less than 50 cm wide
Where the average width of a watercourse situated on or adjacent to forest land on which a forestry operation is carried on is less than 50 cm, no forestry operator shall permit the use of, use or operate a vehicle for forestry operations within 5 m of the watercourse, except for the purpose of watercourse crossings approved by the Department of Environment.” Location: “Marker 165 along the 103 not far from the 3rd exit to Liverpool going towards Halifax on the left hand side of the road about 100-200 feet off the road with Crown land stake on the left as you go in.”

Don’t Cut!

May 6, 2019:
Update on Corbett-Dalhousie Lake Forest
Bev Wigney on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology. Petition launched 3 days ago has >700 signatures. Group documents ages of cut trees, put caution tape around trees that they DO NOT want to see removed, record locations on iNaturalist.

May 5, 2019:
Is forested land being clearcut and then let go for taxes?
Question raised on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

May 1, 2019
Species at Risk
Blog post by Zack Metcalfe. On legislation related to SAR in Maritimes & Federally, Ecojustice, Juniper Law and the current lawsuit “against Nova Scotia’s Department of Lands and Forestry for failing to uphold the province’s Endangered Species Act.”

Apr 23, 2019
We plan to block this 387 acre clear-cut in Allendale, Shelburne County
On Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia

Photo by Karen Smith.
View Clear cutting around our property from last year. “Much, much more going on around us this year.”

April 22, 2019
Clear cutting around our property from last year
Photos and Coments on WWNS. “Much, much more going on around us this year.”

April 21, 2019:
Rotting Wood
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

April 17, 2019:
Hemlock Wooly Adelgid possibly in Hants Co.
“I just checked on iNaturalist and feel very sad to see that someone has just posted that they observed HWA in Hants County – about 2 weeks ago. Here’s a screen grab of the map of NS with the observed sites that have been posted onto iNaturalist. I know there are many more in the southern part of the province, but I guess we’re going to be seeing it in forests further north this summer. Makes me so sad for the Hemlock we are going to lose. :(” – Bev Wigney on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology, referencing HWA Phenology. View iNaturalist post

April 10, 2019:
Shelly Hipson on Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia. “The Department of Lands and Forestry has approved a 387 ACRE CLEAR-CUT in Allendale, Shelburne County, in a CANADIAN IMPORTANT BIRD AND BIODIVERSITY AREA.(IBA)”

April 8, 2019
Discussion of HPMV
Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

Apr 5, 2019:
Discussion of Info A.M. interviews related to the Harvest Plan Map Viewer
On Healthy Forest Coalition. Minister Rankin joins the conversation.

Apr 4, 2019:
Minister Rankin’s response to concerns about clearcutting impacts on spread of Lyme disease
Sydnee McKay on Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia

Truck sighted in Queens Co. yesterday (Mar 26, 2019) by J.D. “When WestFor is cutting they are supposed to leave 4 inch diameter crowns when cutting Spruce and Fir and 5 inch crowns when cutting Pine. I’d say 50% of this wood doesn’t make that grade.” It could have been from private land, regardless, it illustrates people are watching and concerned no matter where it comes from.

Mar 29, 2019:
NP’s ultimatum
On WWNS. “If we do not get an extension…that will mean we shut down”.

Mar 26, 2019:
Logging of Crown land in the area of Wagner Lake still fraying nerves, reveals L&F do not consult Breeding Bird Atlas
Shelly Hipson and Bev Wigney On the Healthy Forest Coalition FB page
Latest Harvest announcement, many words/phrases replace “clearcut”
Shelly Hipson on Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia
Hundreds of thousands of DISEASED Red Pine were planted years ago in Shelburne County as part of a provincial silvilculture program.
On People for Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova Scotia.
Another discussion thread on Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia

Mar 20, 2019:
NP/L&F cutting on Deer Wintering Area, owl, martin and moose habitat
Markus Kehoe on Hants County and Beyond
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology
Celebrating Biodiversity: Spotted Salamanders
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology
Confusion about what’s on the HPMV and what’s not
On People for Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova Scotia.

Mar 9, 2019:
We have learned that there are Harvest Operating Maps that feature harvests in each county for the NEXT FIVE YEARS…but
Shelly Hipson on Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia

Mar 7, 2019
Medway Community Forest Co-op – an amazing group of women
“At the MCFC we’re lucky enough to have an amazing group of women involved in a field traditionally dominated by men. Unfortunately we’re still overcoming gender bias in forestry, with the majority of our circles lacking equal representation in gender, as well as age and diversity. Our Board is largely comprised of women, and we’re constantly looking for opportunities to encourage women to become involved in, or pick a career in forest management. We support all women in underrepresented occupations and stand in solidarity as they fight bias and find their voice. Happy International Women’s Day!”

Mar 1, 2019:
Community Forests Shelbourne Co. Letter to Minister Rankin

Feb 23, 2019:
Port Hawkesbury Paper almost ran out of wood this winter
On Woods and Waters Nova Scotia

Feb 22, 2019:
on Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill “In the EA, Northern Pulp used the Tasmania Pulp mill for comparison for part of the Human Health Evaluation…It is important to note the Tasmania mill DID NOT open and faced many environmental challenges in court”
Discussion of glyphosate use on wild blueberries
Sydnee McKay on Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia

Feb 18, 2019:
Discussion of harvest terminology on HFC

Feb 16, 2019:
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

Feb 11, 2019:
“Clear-Cut” removed from HPMV
Post on Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova.

So what’s going on here folks? asks Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova.

Feb 6, 2019:
Discussion on HFC of soil acidification, Minister Rankin joins in response to ‘we need to know’
DGP: “Specifically, we need to know what’s happening in regard to Conclusions #161,2, 3 in the Lahey Report…”
IR: “the recommendation on the evaluation was accepted, as per our response. It is being lead by Prof Lahey himself and staff have recently met with him to go over what the framework for evaluation will look like. I have discussed how we can provide regular updates with staff this morning. We have teams already assembled for the priority items.”

Feb 2, 2019
Look who Tops the List
Barry Randle on Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill

Feb 1, 2019

Some Market Research
Initiated by Frank Higgins on HFC/ If 2” dimensional lumber(2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12) prices averaged $1000/thousand board feet at retail stores, what does everyone think a fair price would be for a contractor to charge if they came to your woodlot, selectively harvested small amounts of quality timber with a chainsaw, skidded the logs with a horse and milled the lumber on site with a portable saw mill? $600/thousand? $800/thousand? Any thoughts would be appreciated.”

Discussion of Harvest Plan Map Viewer Transparency
On Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia. Related post on NSFN: Nova Scotia Forestry Maps removing “harvest plans that are no longer open to comments” (Jan 31, 2019). Also: Letter from ML, re Map Viewer (Jan 31, 2019, on HFC)

Is WestFor Management Inc and their 13 shareholders, and the Department of Lands and Forestry THAT DESPERATE to provide “Fibre” that they have to CUT TREES in the MIDDLE OF TWO PROTECTED AREAS?
ON Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova.

Shelly Hipson Video in a recent WestFor clearcut
On Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia No narration necessary. View also Shelly’s Lament, her not so silent anguish. “Some would surely think I was mad…for feeling this much pain for a forest. Some days I wish I would not feel so deeply…”

Jan 31, 2019
Discussion of “Canada’s climate gap widens yet again on” HFC
Initial post by Joan Morrison

Responses to changes in the HPMV

Jan 30, 2019
NP to hold PR event “on the VERY same day that PLFN is having their sacred event to count down the last year of this terrible injustice”
DG on Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill View also this post from the moderator.

Jan 27, 2019
Shelly Hipson: We want Freeman Lumber to be a part of the solution
“Freeman Lumber, who are shareholders of WestFor Management Inc., and have a license with the Province of Nova Scotia – gave a tour to our Progressive Conservative MLA Kim Masland for Queens – Shelburne. The majority of approved harvests are clear-cuts. We want Freeman Lumber to be a part of the solution, and do ecological forestry on ALL LAND. Post on HFC

On Turner Woodlot. HFC photo

Jan 24, 2019:
– HFC tour of woodlot owned by J.A. Turner and Sons Ltd. of West Northfield
With photos. On The Healthy Forest Coalition

Jan 23, 2019:
“This is a follow-up email which I’ve sent to Annapolis County Warden, Timothy Habinski, and Councillor Gregory Heming..”
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

NSWOOA Discussion of CBC story Woodlot Owners look to Lahey report as ‘road’ not roadblock to prosperity
On NSWWOA Facebook page.

Jan 21, 2019:
– On Forest Biomass, discussion stimulated by ‘Burned’
On Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova.

Mourning Nature by Maria P
“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” – John Muir
“We might not find our souls much longer” – Richard Gordan Armstrong

Jan 20, 2019:
Initiated by Bev Wigney on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

Jan 19, 2019:
We might not find our souls much longer!.
Richard Gordan Armstrong shared a post On Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia, post shared was on Ancient Forests & Champion Trees

Terri Vernon initiated post On Birding as a multi-million $ Industry (On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology)

Jan 18, 2019:
Info Request:
Re Lahey small scale irregular shelterwood… What type of equipment would work well for this treatment? Smaller Harvester, wheels or threads? Head? On HFC. Early Response from Mary Jane Rodger of The Medway Community Forest Co-op, others join the discussion.

Jan 17, 2019:
Bev Wigney-initiated discussion
NEWS!! NEWS!! NEWS!! CORBETT-DALHOUSIE LAKE FOREST While this isn’t what I would call cause for rejoicing, it is a somewhat hopeful development…

Jan 16, 2019:
Ken Burrows-initiated discussion related to the Old Forest Policy Layer; Minister Rankin joins in
On Healthy Forest Coalition. Results in Constructive discussion with the Minister: “Iain Rankin to David Graham Patriquin: fair comments on the smaller than polygon potential ‘old growth’. I will discuss with staff and have them reach out to the licence holder about their plans for harvesting and retention areas.”

Bev Wigney regarding “Old Growth” stands and how the current industrial harvest system prevents them from existing or developing in multi-aged stands.
& a related Re-Post
On Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology

Adam Forest on DNR Land Purchase
“Two years ago DNR bought a hundred +acer wood lot from a private land owner who had just finished clear cutting it.. Within months westfor is driving across it to access the crown land next to it. Westfor lease says westfor must make it’s own deals to cross private land. I called dnr to ask why are tax dollars were used to buy another cunk of clercut ?The answer I got dnr bought the land to improve access to crown and only coincidentally did westfor need to cross this lot. This is totally unfair to the tax payers and other contractors”. On Healthy Forest Coalition.

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