Feeling the heat: Forest Nova Scotia conducts survey

Clearcuts on Crown land NE of Halifax International Airport 2002-2014 according to Global Forest Watch

Clearcuts on Crown land NE of Halifax International Airport 2001-2014 according to Global Forest Watch

In an op-ed in the CH, the executive director of Forest Nova Scotia reassures us that “we’re taking good care of our forests…And Nova Scotians understand that.” Taking note of articles and letters in The Chronicle Herald expressing concerns about current forestry practices, they “wanted to see for ourselves what was in the hearts and minds of Nova Scotians”.

So they hired a professional research firm to conduct a survey and learned that more than 8 out of 10 respondents consider Nova Scotia forests a “renewable resource”. [I would be concerned about literacy of Nova Scotians if they didn’t.] “And 70 per cent are of the opinion that Nova Scotia forests are managed by professionals who follow sustainable practices, use scientific decision-making and new technologies so our forests are well managed.”

I wonder if “Do you think there is too much clearcutting in Nova Scotia?” was one of the questions.’Would be nice to see see the full survey including the questions asked, the methodology, stats on numbers (not just percentages).

In the meantime, I will pull down the blind when I’m flying into Nova Scotia.

UPDATE Dec 20, 2016: A response from a CH reader: While Mike Parker’s critique of provincial forest management was published on Dec. 3, there have been three or four opinion pieces…The most recent was Jeff Bishop’s (Dec. 16)…In my home area of Amherst Head, I estimate about 80 per cent of the forest has been cut in the 40-plus years I have lived here. Walk across a clear-cut and you will have to avoid the deep water-filled ruts left by giant machines and wait a lifetime to walk through a forest there.” View A lifetime to recover (CH Opinions, Dec 20, 2016)

UPDATE Dec 20, 2016: Poll indicates strong support for restrictions on clearcutting in Nova Scotia
UPDATE Dec 22, 2016: Jeff Bishop was interviewed on CBC Radio’s Mainstreet program yesterday and was asked if in their surveys they ever include questions about clearcutting specifically. Jeff said. no, because they did not feel a need to ask about clearcutting, it’s only one of several possible harvest options.

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