Concerns about clearcutting in Digby Co.

Counties of Nova Scotia, from Wikipedia author Hwy43

I received this message today: In response to mounting public pressure, the Warden for Digby County, Jimmy MacAlpine, has requested letters of concern from citizens of Digby County regarding clearcutting of their public woodlands. E-mails should be sent by Friday March 9, 2017 to Linda Fraser, CAO for Digby,

UPDATE Mar 8, 2017: More details are available in an article by Sara Ericsson in the Digby Courier for March 7, 2017: “Digby Warden Jimmy MacAlpine is calling for submissions from the public regarding concerns about clearcutting forestry-methods across the county. This comes after Bear River resident Jay Stone expressed concerns in a meeting with the warden about clearcutting which is advancing increasingly toward private properties.” View County seeks public input on crown land forestry concerns

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