Bancroft on the state of our forests (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) 24Oct2020

For a superb overview of the state of our forests in N.S. and N.B., view this video just released on YouTube by  N.B. Media Co-op:

*It can be viewed with or without subtitles – to change the current setting, click on the Settings-wheel:

View N.B. Media Co-op post (Oct 24, 2020) for a short biography of Bob B. and links to some related info and articles. The video was produced as “Part of St. Thomas University’s Environmental Praxis Lecture Series, this talk is supported by the NB Media Co-op and RAVEN – Rural Action and Voices for the Environment, a research project based at the University of New Brunswick”.

Bob Bancroft, here talking about cavity dwellers in a talk to the Friends of Redtail Society in 2013,

Bob made the presentation yesterday in a Zoom session. I had made a post about the upcoming event under In the News for Oct 15, 2020, and I tuned into it.   About  30+ people,  plus  a class group at St. Thomas University watched the presentation and many joined in on the lengthy discussion afterward. The discussion was not archived, so,  as we were told, people could speak freely, which they did. A lot of the discussion was to do with moose, stimulated by the current protest over plans to log in moose habitat in SW Nova Scotia.

As Bob always does, he provided an overview of some complex issues with great clarity but without “dumbing it down”.

Many thanks to Bob Bancroft, and to the folks at St. Thomas University and the N.B. Media Co-op for organizing the event and making the video available to all so quickly.

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