Subsidizing industrial forestry in Nova Scotia, continued?

Two approaches to forestry in Nova Scotia: which one would our grandchildren’s grandchildren want us to pursue?

Word on the Street has it that the Liberal government is about to announce big forestry changes and that the troops are being asked to prepare for public backlash.

I would like to think the changes finally put an end to concessions, handouts and “investments” to keep the fibre industry alive in Nova Scotia and that the government will NOT be signing over its responsibility to manage the Western Crown Lands to the Westfor Consortium.

However, climate change, loss of biodiversity, changing public values, NSDNR’s own soils research and EGSPA notwithstanding, I would be surprised if the current government – unfortunately any NS government as so sadly illustrated by Dexter & Co and all earlier governments back to The Big Lease – didn’t drive us further down the Industrial Forestry abyss.

I hope I am wrong.

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