May 17, 2018: Species at Risk in Forested Wetlands returning to Nova Scotia

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Landbird SAR in Forested Wetlands

In our rapidly changing world, it’s can be re-assuring to view the same seasonal changes for another year. A couple of recent entries on the Birding News – Nova Scotia (posting entries on a Nature Nova Scotia Listserv) highlight the return of Species-at-Risk in Forested Wetlands:

ND (May 17, 18:11):

A Landbird Species at Risk in Forested Wetlands has returned to NS! The first Canada Warbler was seen on CSI May 16 (eBird), on time compared to the last four years as you can see in the SFA table [given in the link] below.

Spring First Arrivals, A NS Bird Society Citizen Science Initiative

Not many spaces left to fill on the spreadsheet. The few missing flycatchers should turn up soon, including the Olive-sided Flycatcher, another LandbirdSAR. For more information on these birds (plus the Rusty Blackbird) see Landbird Species at Risk in Forested Wetlands

BW (May 17, 18:59) :

I have recently been discussing SAR species with Dr. Cindy Staicer and she is hoping that there will be volunteers who will submit sightings and/or survey some of the field sites that have been identified. Survey period for Canada Warbler and Olive-sided Flycatcher begin May 20th — so consider this to be a timely reminder.

There is information about submitting a sighting here:

And instructions on how to conduct a survey on field sites where the 3 SAR species have been observed, or are predicted to occur, here:

To register to participate in surveys:

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