While we wait for the government response to the Independent Review, clearcuts on Nova Scotia Crown lands continue unabated

Image at right: As expressed on Woods and Waters Nova Scotia.

Here is the Message I received as a subscriber to updates on the Harvest Plan Map Viewer:

The Harvest Plan Map Viewer has been updated as of September 6, 2018. See attached document for additional details on all NEW submissions for this update.

Refer to the following location: https://nsgi.novascotia.ca/hpmv/. The next update is scheduled for September 17, 2018.

For all comments related to the Harvest Plan Maps Viewer, please contact ForestryMaps@novascotia.ca.

The message includes a PDF document listing “proposed” cuts on Crown lands by County.

‘Not sure why they can’t also post those PDFs on their website. I should re-word that: ‘Not sure why they do not want to post those PDFs on their website.

If you are concerned about ongoing clearcuts/even-aged management (most of the partial cuts are two stage clearcuts performed as part of even-aged management) on the Peoples’ Lands, I suggest (a) subscribe to these notifications* (even if there is a very slim chance that you can do anything about the proposed cuts, subscribing at least indicates public interest); (b) write the Premier and ask him to get on with changing the top bureaucrats in charge of forest management at NSDNR/Lands and Forests to ones that are capable and fully willing to implement the recommendations from the Independent Review.
* Go to https://novascotia.ca/natr/forestry/fibre-allocation/ to access the link to sign up.

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