Opinions– on resetting NS forest policy & protecting woodlands

The Opinion section of the C-H today (Sat July 9, 2016) carried two articles relating to the state of our forests.

Dale Smith, a land use planneer and past Director of Protected Areas, argues for a Reset on Forest Policy. He saw a sliver of light when the Premier, told that some of our best forest is being burned for biomass electricity, responded “My common sense tells me that; the reports I’m getting (don’t) tell me that.” Read more

loon2 Mike Parker who has written several books with a historical bent about Nova Scotia towns and our forests and wilderness, most recently Nebooktuk: In the Woods (Pottersfield Press), comments on our many Protected Areas, and asks: What about the rest of Nova Scotia, where the call of the loon is being muted by the industrial roar of “men who dig up and tear down and destroy?” Read CH article | Read Review in Digby County Courier (July 17, 2016)

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