Nova Scotia L&F releases draft Forest Management Guide for comment 21Jan2021

A Figure from L&F’s summary description of the new FMG

From Forest Management Guide: public consultation

Nova Scotians are invited to provide their feedback on the new Forest Management Guide, which outlines the silviculture prescriptions and timber harvest methods allowed on Crown land. You can submit your feedback by 19 February 2021.

They have provided an informative summary and a feel-good video.

Under How to Participate

Read the draft guide: Silvicultural Guide for the Ecological Matrix.

Email your comments to

Anyone can share their feedback on the draft guide. The deadline for submissions is 19 February 2021.

Thx L&F, for the informative summary.

Also view News Release

On first blush, it looks like a big improvement over what was presented at the first stakeholder consultation in which I participated.

So we can understand how it relates to the Triad and landscape-level planning, will we  soon see similar public consultations on
Old Forest Policy
High Production Forestry, including the “strategic, long-term wood supply analysis”
Environmental Assessment
Outcomes-Based Forest Management ?

It would have been nice to have a public consultation on the Natural Disturbance Regimes but L&F said a firm no to even much more limited stakeholder involvement that one.

‘Still waiting for Prof Lahey’s Independent Evaluation.



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