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Higgins Mt., Cumberland Co. 2011.  width=

Clearcut at Higgins Mt., Cumberland Co. 2011.
They were looking for spring wildflowers in the Acadian forest, not clearcuts!
Click on photo for video.

NUMBERS vs EYES December 27, 2016 in the CH, a letter writer from Wentworth Station: “Regarding recent letters on forestry, methinks industry reps and the Department of Natural Resources do protest too much. They throw a lot of numbers and statistics at us, believing we ordinary citizens will believe their weak justifications for continued clear-cutting, whole-tree harvesting and destructive practices. It takes only a short drive in any rural area of Nova Scotia to see forests continue to be cut and destroyed at an alarming, unsustainable rate…”

CAREERS NOVA SCOTIA PROFILE: When you’re never sick of the woods December 31, 2016 in the CH. Greg Watson, manager of North Nova Forest Owner’s Co-op in Wentworth and President of the Nova Scotia Forest Technicians Association describes his love of the forest and what’s involved in becoming a Forest technician. “The job requires confidence, versatility, and initiative, and the worker needs to be capable not only in the forest, but with technology.”

We can see for ourselves Jan 3, 2017 in the Inverness Oran, a letter writer from Shortt’s Lake. “The evidence is there to support our argument against clearcutting and all we need to do is to drive along any major highway to see the scrawny, low-quality forests which replace the old forests, (which, by the way, are far better at taking carbon out of the atmosphere and reseeding the surrounding areas). After a second clearcutting, the quality of the replacement forest is even lower. And these things we can see for ourselves. We don’t need to listen to either side of the argument. We just need to be observant.”

As noted under About this site, “The Home Page for this website consists of “posts” and is intended to serve as a record of events, news and opinions on the subject of forests and forestry in Nova Scotia as they unfold, beginning on June 21, 2016.”

To view past posts reporting on Letters and Editorials, click on Letters&Editorials under Categories on the right panel of this page, or click here. I am sure I have missed a few or quite a few, but I do not filter on the basis of whether I agree with them or not (although I may comment on them), so the compilation should provide some sense of the back and forth about forestry in Nova Scotia in the Editorials and Letters to the Ed.

A list of all posts on the Home Page since June 21, 2016, is available under All Posts.

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