NSDNR Old Forest Policy

pages-from-b10653351oldforestpolicyNova Scotia’s Old Forest Policy
NSDNR, August 2012. “The Old Forest Policy will conserve the remaining old growth forests on public land and ensure that a network of the best old forest restoration opportunities is established. This network will support, and be supported by, broader sustainable forest management initiatives that address maturity and community representation across ecological landscapes.’

Implementation of Nova Scotia Interim Old Forest Policy for Crown Land “A Status Report”
NSDNR Prepared by Bruce Stewart and Peter Neily March 2008. Very relevant maps and stats.

Old Growth
Page on NSDNR website, with brief history of the Old Forest Policy and links. “Once a hallmark of the Acadian Forest, old growth has become rare. Under the Interim Old Forest Policy introduced in 1999, over 200,000 ha of forest has been identified on Crown land which conserves a network of old forest restoration opportunities and remnant old growth (>125 years old). Conservation of old forests on private land is actively encouraged and supported through several initiatives, while research is ongoing to develop tools, monitor progress, and better define old growth in different forest communities.”

Selected Nova Scotia old-growth forests: Age, ecology, structure, scoring
Bruce Stewart et al.(2003). The Forestry Chronicle 79: 632-644. This paper provided key data for developing the criteria for assessing Old Growth status under Nova Scotia’s Old Forest Policy (above)

MTRI Old Forest Project